Chronicle of the Russian Federation Crimes in Ukraine (August)

Rescuers evacuate an elderly woman from a house on Obolon in Kyiv, where a Russian projectile hit. Pavlo Petrov / "Babel"
Rescuers evacuate an elderly woman from a house on Obolon in Kyiv, where a Russian projectile hit. Pavlo Petrov / "Babel"

The Russian aggression against Ukraine, which began in 2014 with the occupation of certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, has shown that the Kremlin is disregarded international law and its international commitments. This is evidenced by the War in Syria and proved by the eight-year Russian-Ukrainian war, which in recent days has grown into a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine

ulti-year, Russia has repeatedly violated international humanitarian law in Ukraine. We have a lot of examples of it, but now Defense Express pay attention to the glaring violations of the last few days, which require world condemnation by the community and effective prosecution of offenses in international courts.

The facts of international humanitarian law violations by russian armed forces in Ukraine in February - April 2022 you can find here, in May - here, in June - here, in July - here

August 8. The occupying forces shelled Velyka Kostromka village with barrel artillery. This was reported by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, Mykola Lukashuk. "Fortunately, no one was injured, but as a result of the shelling, the building of the village lyceum was damaged," Lukashuk added.

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August 8. The Russian social groups in the "VKontakte" network are spreading the alleged statement of the head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces, Valery Vasiliev, that the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant may be detonated by the occupiers on purpose.

The statement of the major general (who currently commands the Russian garrison at the Zaporizhzhia NPP) said the following: «on the site of the station will be either Russian land or a scorched desert."

"And if there is the most severe order — we must fulfill it with honor!", Vasiliev is quoted as saying to the occupiers.

"Energoatom" reacted to this and stated that the occupiers confirmed their readiness to blow up the mined nuclear power plant.

However, it is impossible to verify the veracity of this statement by Vasiliev. It is actively spread in social networks by groups that support and promote the war against Ukraine.

August 8. In the Uman oblast, two people were injured by the remains of a downed Russian rocket.

They fell on a civil infrastructure object, reported the head of Cherkasy oblast administration, Ihor Taburets. The injured were hospitalized.Tis photo shows a fire at a civil infrastructure facility that broke out in the Uman district after the remains of a downed missile fell. Two people were injured and hospitalized.

August 8. The Russians continue intense shelling in the vicinity of Donetsk: the Maryinka, Avdiivka and Ocheretyne communities are under fire.

  • Five residential buildings, a utility company, and a confectionery shop were damaged in the Maryinka community this morning under the shelling of Krasnohorivka. One house was damaged in Maksymilyanivka, and one person was injured in Maryinka.
  • At night, the Russians shelled Ocheretyne — four houses and the electricity supply were damaged. Lastochkine, Pisky and Pervomayske were also shelled in the community. We are clarifying the information about the damage.
  • In the morning, the Russians shelled the old part of Avdiivka from «Grad»s, and later launched an airstrike on the city.
  • In the Bakhmut district, there was a lot of noise in the villages of Svitlodarska and Soledarska communities. Currently, 1 injured person is known in Yakovlivka.
  • The Russians also struck Kramatorsk at night — there is no information about casualties or damage.

August 7. Shelling of Kharkiv and the oblast:

  • On the evening of August 7, around 11:00 p.m., there was shelling in the Kyiv district of Kharkiv, without casualties.
  • At night, a Russian rocket hit the Pechenihy village, Chuhuiv district. A 72-year-old woman died in a private house that collapsed after the impact. During the day, Chuhuiv area was also shelled. The roofs of private houses, outbuildings and outbuildings of civilians burned.
  • In the Bohodukhiv district, the Russians destroyed 28 hectares of wheat with fire. During the day, there were several shellings of different farms.
  • In the Izyum district, open areas were hit, a 72-year-old woman was hospitalized.
  • In the Kharkiv district, due to shelling by the occupiers, the cottages of the cooperative burned down, as well as farm buildings. A 62-year-old woman died in the shelling in Cherkassy Tyshki, and two more people were hospitalized.

August 7. In Ukraine, during the full-scale invasion of Russia (from February 24 to the morning of August 7), at least 361 children died, and another 703 were injured. However, these data are still not final. This is reported by the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office.

August 6. At night around 4:40, the occupiers shelled the Nemyshlyansky, Industrialny and Novobavarsky districts of Kharkiv. The missiles were launched from the Russian city of Belgorod, probably of the S-300 type.

In the Industrialny and Nemyshlyansky districts, as a result of the missiles, there is destruction of civilian industrial and critical infrastructure. Fortunately, no losses.

In the Novobarsky district, a rocket hit the ground near one of the parks without damage or casualties.

Across the region, the enemy attacked the Bohodukhiv, Izyum, Chuhuiv, and Kharkiv districts.

August 6. Russian invaders continue to open fire on Mykolaiv Region. One civilian was reported killed and five injured in the urban-type settlement of Bereznehuvate. The relevant statement was made by Mykolaiv Regional Council Head Hanna Zamazieieva on Telegram.

“In Mykolaiv Region, the enemy shelling continues practically all over the contact line, along the borders of Mykolaiv Region and Kherson Region. The urban-type settlement of Bereznehuvate was shelled with artillery. As a result, five civilians were injured and one killed,” Zamazieieva wrote.

In her words, the deceased is a retired woman who had been working as a nurse throughout her life.

August 7. Russia opened fire four times on the Nikopol and Kryvy Rhi districts of Dnipropetrovsk oblast, which are regularly shelled.

The Russian army sent 60 shells from Grad to the Nikopol district. Two people were injured in Marhanka. A 64-year-old man with injuries is in the hospital.

Almost 50 private houses, several cars and a bus stop were damaged in the city.

The shelling hit the gas pipeline and the power grid. Several thousand residents of Marhanets were left without electricity. Electricians are working on site.

There were no victims or destruction in the Chervonohryhorivka community.

The enemy hit the Kryvy Rih district with "Uragan" and barrel artillery. Zelenodolsk and Apostolove communities came under fire. There were no casualties.

August 6. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office has opened criminal proceedings over Russia’s artillery strikes on settlements in Dnipropetrovsk Region, leaving four civilians injured.

The relevant statement was made by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office.

Under the procedural guidance of Nikopol District Prosecutor’s Office and Kryvyi Rih Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office, a pre-trial investigation was launched into criminal proceedings over the violation of laws and customs of war (Part 1 Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

According to the investigation data, on the night of August 6, 2022, in violation of international humanitarian law, Russian troops opened fire on the residential areas of Nikopol with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Four civilians received shrapnel wounds, and one of them was taken to hospital. In addition, over 40 detached houses and apartment blocks were damaged, as well as household buildings, a kindergarten and children’s art center. A gas pipeline and power transmission lines were disrupted.

The village of Marianske, which is situated in Kryvyi Rih District, also came under enemy fire. Russian projectiles caused damage to detached houses and a power transmission line there.

Now prosecutors, police investigators and experts are working at the scene. There are no military facilities in this area, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office added.

August 6. Since the full-scale invasion began, the troops of the Russian Federation have killed 361 children and injured 702 children in Ukraine.

"As of the morning of August 6, 2022, more than 1,063 children were affected as a result of Russia’s full-scale armed aggression. According to the official information of juvenile prosecutors, 361 children were killed and more than 702 children received injuries of varying degrees of severity," the Prosecutor General's Office posted on Telegram.

It is noted that these numbers are not final as efforts are ongoing to establish casualties in the areas of active hostilities, in temporarily occupied and liberated territories.

Most children were affected in Donetsk region – 371, Kharkiv region – 197, Kyiv region – 116, Chernihiv region – 68, Luhansk region – 61, Mykolaiv region – 58, Kherson region – 55, Zaporizhzhia region – 40.

In particular, on August 5, a 13-year-old boy was injured in the enemy strike on the city of Mykolaiv. On July 28, a minor boy was injured in the Russian shelling of the village of Chornobayivka, Kherson region.

In Kharkiv region, on March 22, a six-year-old boy received fatal injuries in the Russian attack on Izium, and a 12-year-old boy died of injuries received in the enemy strike on the village of Mali Prokhody on June 21.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation have already damaged 2,211 educational institutions by bombing and shelling, 230 of them were completely destroyed.

August 6. In Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region, the National Police documented 48 reports on the destruction of civilian infrastructure as a result of Russian strikes.

"As of 09:00, the police received 48 reports on destruction from the city residents. On the night of August 6, the enemy shelled Nikopol, once again striking a residential district with MLRS. Apartment blocks and private houses, farm buildings, and cars were damaged," the National Police of Ukraine posted on Facebook.

As a result of the shelling, fires broke out in two private houses, power lines and a gas pipeline were broken. The final information is being clarified.

Investigators and explosives technicians work at the scene. The police officers document all war crimes committed by the Russian Federation.

August 6. Russian troops struck two districts of Dnipropetrovsk region at night, injuring three people. "After midnight, the Russian army fired Grad MLRS on Nikopol district and tube artillery – on Kryvyi Rih district. As usual, they hit residential neighborhoods, people who were sleeping at that time. Twenty rockets struck Nikopol. Three residents were injured. One of them, a 58-year-old man, is in the hospital," Valentyn Reznichenko, Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, posted on Telegram.

According to Reznichenko, 11 five-story buildings, up to 40 private houses, a kindergarten, and a children's creativity center were damaged in the town.

Gas pipeline, water pipeline, and electricity network were broken. Several thousand people have been without electricity. Emergency teams work.

In Kryvyi Rih district, the enemy hit Zelenodolsk community. A power line was broken in Maryanske. A part of the village has been left without electricity. According to preliminary information, people were not injured.

August 5. Russian forces are trying to stage provocations in the temporarily occupied Enerhodar, shelling residential quarters from the Zaporizhzhia NPP area. Enerhodar Mayor Dmytro Orlov said in a Telegram post.

"Residents of Enerhodar! Be careful as much as possible! Beware of the provocations staged by the occupiers, which are happening right now! Shelling is taking place from the Zaporizhzhia NPP area in the direction of residential quarters of Enerhodar. Explosions are heard,” Orlov wrote. The mayor noted that power supply was cut off in most of city's districts. There is also no water supply and partially no internet services in the city.

August 5. On Friday afternoon, the invaders shelled Mykolaiv, injuring civilians, including a 13-year-old boy. Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Council, Hanna Zamazeyeva, said in a Telegram post.

"Today in the afternoon, the occupiers from the Kherson direction again shelled the Balabanivka and Korabelnyi district of Mykolaiv. Unfortunately, there are victims, including a 13-year-old boy. Doctors are working on the spot," Zamazeyeva wrote. As reported, the enemy shelled the Korabelnyi district of Mykolaiv at night and in the morning. Russian shells hit a private house. Several buildings were damaged.

August 5. The prosecutor's office has started an investigation into a Russian rocket attack on the town of Chuhuiv, Kharkiv region, which completely destroyed two residential buildings. According to Ukrinform, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office said this in a statement posted on its website.

Under the procedural guidance of the Chuhuiv District Prosecutor's Office of the Kharkiv region, a pre-trial investigation has been launched into the violation of the laws and customs of war (Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

According to investigators, on August 5, at around 01:00, Russian service members launched a rocket attack on Chuhuiv. According to preliminary reports, Russian forces fired four S-300 missiles from Russia's Belgorod region.

Two residential buildings were completely destroyed. Outbuildings and garages were damaged.

Law enforcement officers earlier initiated criminal proceedings regarding a missile attack on Kharkiv's Shevchenkivsky district on the evening of August 4, which injured four people and damaged apartment buildings and cars.

August 5. Russian invaders have opened fire on the village of Slatyne, Derhachi District, Kharkiv Region, with white phosphorus munitions.

The relevant statement was made by Derhachi City Council on Telegram. “Yesterday, the Russian army used cannon and rocket artillery to open fire nearly on all Ukrainian-controlled settlements in our community. Over the village of Slatyne, [Russian] occupiers again used phosphorus munitions against civilians,” the report states. As a result, at least six detached houses burnt down in the village.

In addition, the enemy used mortars and tanks to open fire on such settlements as Tsupivka, Prudianka, Dementiivka, Nove, Pytomnyk and Ruska Lozova. No casualties had been reported so far, Derhachi City Council added.

August 5. Journalists of the Bellingcat group were able to identify a Russian soldier who castrated a Ukrainian prisoner of war.

This is stated in a joint investigation by Bellingcat and the publication Insider.

The criminal turned out to be a 29-year-old native of Tuva named Ochur-Suge Mongush, who is a member of the Akhmat battalion. The journalists also managed to find out that the abuse of the Ukrainian military took place on the territory of the "Pryvillya" sanatorium in Luhansk oblast.

The Russian was identified primarily by his cowboy hat and bracelet. In addition, the IKCO Samand car was recorded in the torture video. Both the fighter and the car appeared in at least 5 videos published by Russian propaganda resources.

August 5. A total of 359 children have been killed and over 700 injured in Ukraine since the Russian invasion started.

The relevant statement was made by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office on Telegram.

“As of August 5, 2022, over 1,059 children in Ukraine were affected by the Russian armed aggression. According to the data from juvenile prosecutors, 359 children were killed and over 700 received injuries of various severity levels,” the report states.

These data are not final, as they are being investigated within the areas of hostilities, temporarily occupied and liberated areas.

Currently, most casualties were recorded in Donetsk Region (371), Kharkiv Region (195), Kyiv Region (116), Chernihiv Region (68), Luhansk Region (61), Mykolaiv Region (57), Kherson Region (54) and Zaporizhzhia Region (40).

On August 4, 2022, three children, aged from 8 to 15, were injured, as Russian troops struck a public transport stop in downtown Toretsk, Donetsk Region.

The Ukrainian side also received information about a 14-year-old boy killed in Russia’s shelling of Mariupol, Donetsk Region, at the start of the Russian armed aggression.

Four more children were reported killed when documenting the crimes committed by Russian troops in Donetsk Region.

A total of 2,211 educational institutions were damaged across Ukraine as a result of Russia’s daily air and artillery strikes, and 230 of them were destroyed completely.

August 4. Russian troops shelled a village of Novooleksandrivka community in Zaporizhzhia district, damaging private houses and injuring one person. Oleksandr Starukh, the head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration, said in a Telegram post.

“The attacks were aimed at the villages of Novooleksandrivka community in Zaporizhzhia district. Private houses and civil infrastructure facilities sustained damages," the report reads. Some settlements remained without electricity and water supply. Works are currently being conducted to resume power supply. Rescuers of the State Emergency Service extinguished all fires. One person with shrapnel wounds was provided with medical assistance on the spot and then taken to hospital, Starukh wrote.

August 4. Police are searching for 211 children who have gone missing since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late February. Oleksii Serhieiev, head of the department for organizational and analytical support and rapid response of the National Police, said this at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine. "In the period from February 24, National Police bodies received reports about 4,353 missing children. Law enforcement officers managed to find 4,143 children, and 211 are still missing," he said.

Serhieiev specified that about 190 children received appeals from close relatives that they lost contact with them after the occupation of the regions of permanent residence or during evacuation from such regions.

"According to available information, nine of these children were taken by the invading forces to the territory not controlled by Ukraine," he added.

August 4. In Donetsk region, Russian invaders opened fire at a municipal bus stop in Toretsk, killing eight locals and injuring four, including three children. That’s according to the chief of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, who broke the news on Telegram.

"Eight dead, four wounded – these are the consequences of the shelling of Toretsk, which the Russians carried out around 11:00 today. Three children are among the four wounded. According to preliminary information, it was artillery fire. They hit a bus stop, where there was a crowd at that time," Kyrylenko wrote. In addition, the Russians damaged the church and injured a local priest, also inflicting damage to the surrounding apartment blocks.

August 4. Russia is likely exploiting the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in Enerhodar, Ukraine, to play on Western fears of a nuclear disaster.

That’s according to Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear operator Energoatom, citing a report by the Institute for the Study of War.

“Russian forces are likely using Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Enerhodar to play on Western fears of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine, likely in an effort to degrade Western will to provide military support to a Ukrainian counteroffensive,” the report reads.

The experts also noted that Russian forces based around the NPP have attacked Ukrainian positions in Nikopol and elsewhere in recent weeks, intentionally putting Ukraine in a difficult position – either Ukraine returns fire, risking international condemnation and a nuclear incident (which Ukrainian forces are unlikely to do), or Ukraine allows Russian forces to continue firing on Ukrainian positions from an effective “safe zone.”

August 4. The Russian forces attacked Kharkiv city and the region with missiles launched from Belgorod. Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, said in a Facebook post.

"At around 01:30, the enemy fired missiles from Belgorod, Russia, tentatively from an S-300 air defense system. The missiles hit an infrastructure facility in the Nemyshlianskyi district. According to preliminary data, an open area in the Kharkiv district was struck twice. No casualties were reported," Syniehubov wrote.

August 4. Russia’s war has killed at least 358 children, wounded 693 since Feb. 24. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the biggest number of child casualties was recorded in Donetsk Oblast.

August 4. Enemy forces hit the outskirts of one of the residential districts of Zaporizhzhia at night. Anatoliy Kurtiev, the acting chairman of the Zaporizhzhia City Council, said in a Telegram post.

"At around 03:30, the enemy struck the outskirts of one of the city's districts during an air raid alert. Two hits were recorded," the post reads.

A multi-storey building and several private houses were destroyed. No civilian casualties were reported.

As Ukrinform reported, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, about 400,000 Ukrainians have left the captured territories through Zaporizhzhia.

August 4. Russian military struck Nemyshliansky district of Kharkiv city, hitting an administrative building. "Another restless night in Kharkiv. An administrative building in Nemyshliansky district of the city was hit," Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov posted on Telegram. He added that, fortunately, there were no casualties and no fire. As reported, on the night of July 30, a three-story building of an educational institution was destroyed in Kharkiv by a Russian rocket attack.

August 3. Mykolaiv mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych posted a video of the morning strike on the city. "A supermarket was destroyed, apartment blocks, a pharmacy, and several shops were damaged. Two shells slammed into the territory of equestrian sports school. The windows of the building were blown out. Fortunately, neither workers nor animals were injured," Sienkevych posted on Telegram.

s reported, 131 people have been killed and 590 more have been injured in Russian strikes on Mykolaiv city. The damages to infrastructure facilities, which can still be restored, estimated at UAH 758 million.

August 3. During the day of August 3, the Russians shelled three communities of Sumy oblast: Yunakivska, Myropilska, and Krasnopilska. A total of 55 "arrivals". At 10:30 a.m. artillery shelling began in the Krasnopilska community — the Russians hit the residential quarters of the village. Private houses, commercial buildings, and civil infrastructure were damaged. People were not injured.

August 3. Russian invaders attacked eight settlements in the Donetsk region on August 2, damaging and destroying 16 civilian objects, including 11 residential buildings. That's according to the National Police of Ukraine.

"The occupiers fired at the settlements of Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Krasnohorivka, Marinka, New York, Karlivka, Maksymilianivka, and Pisky. Russian troops fired at the civilian population using aircraft, rocket launchers, artillery, Grad and Uragan MLRS, and tanks. There are dead and wounded," the report said.

According to law enforcement officers, Russian forces launched 24 strikes on the region. Enemy shelling destroyed and damaged 16 civilian objects, including 11 residential buildings, a service station, a warehouse, etc.

Criminal proceedings have been opened under Article 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

August 2. As a result of the latest Russian missile strikes targeting Mykolaiv, a fire broke out in one of the city districts, and a supermarket was destroyed in another. That’s according to Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych, who broke the news on Telegram.

"Powerful explosions rang out in Mykolaiv around five in the morning. These were incoming missiles. A fire broke out in one of the districts of the city, and a supermarket was destroyed in another," the post reads.

August 2. The total amount of documented damages brought by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has reached $108.3 billion, while minimum recovery needs is estimated at $185 billion. That’s according to research by KSE Institute.

As of August 1, 2022, the losses to Ukraine’s economy from the damage and destruction of residential and non-residential buildings and infrastructure (in monetary terms) have reached at least $108.3 bln.

Compared to the previous estimate as of June 13, the total amount of documented damages increased by $12.8 billion. The key factor in the growth was the increase in the number of damaged and destroyed real estate objects. They comprise is the largest share of the total amount of damages. According to the latest data, at least 129,900 residential buildings were damaged and destroyed, of which 114,700 were private houses ($5.4 billion) and 15,100 — apartment buildings ($42.3 billion).

The total amount of damages caused to the infrastructure has reached $31.6 billion. As a result of hostilities, damages to enterprises and industry are already estimated at $8.8 billion.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-blown war on Ukraine, at least 388 enterprises, 18 civilian airports, 764 kindergartens, 43,700 agricultural machinery units, 1,991 shops, 27 malls, 511 administrative buildings, 28 oil depots, 105,200 private cars, and 634 cultural facilities have been damaged, destroyed, or seized.

August 2. The number of people killed as a result of Russian strike on an evacuation minibus carrying civilians in Kherson region has risen to three.

"Yes, we confirm that an evacuation bus came under fire ... the death toll has risen to three," Dmytro Butriy, Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, said during nationwide telethon.

This is not the first time when vehicles carrying civilians and humanitarian goods were hit by the enemy.

The Prosecutor General's Office reported the initiation of criminal proceedings over the murder of three and injuries to five people in Russia’s strike on the civilian vehicle in Kherson region.

Under the procedural guidance of the Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office, a pre-trial investigation has been initiated in criminal proceedings over violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

As reported, near the village of Dovhove, Beryslav district, Kherson region, the Russian military fired an anti-tank missile on the minibus by which people were trying to leave the temporarily occupied territory. Two civilians were killed. Five people – three men and two women – were evacuated to hospital in Kryvyi Rih.

The Kherson Regional Council called the Russian strike on the minibus carrying civilians a premeditated crime.

August 2. The Russian troops struck Pokrovske community in Synelnykove district, Dnipropetrovsk region. Civilian infrastructure was destroyed.

Mykola Lukashuk, Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, published pictures from the scene on Telegram.

"Rescuers have completed the inspection of Pokrovske community, which came under Russian Smerch MLRS fire the day before. In one of the villages, three residential buildings, six cars, and the premises of a district union were damaged," he wrote.

Funnels and rocket debris were found in residents' yards. Fortunately, no one was injured.

August 2. Russian troops killed three civilians and injured other three in Donetsk region on August 1. Pavlo Kyrylenko, the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, said in a Telegram post. "On August 1, the Russians killed three civilians in Donetsk region: two in Maryinka and one in Soledar. There more people were injured," the report reads. The regional governor noted that it is currently impossible to determine the exact number of casualties in Mariupol and Volnovakha. As reported by Ukrinform, Russian troops struck Dnipropetrovsk region, using MLRS and artillery at night.

August 2. At night, Russian troops struck Dnipropetrovsk region, using MLRS and artillery. Valentyn Reznichenko, Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, said in a Telegram posts. "The Russian army targeted two districts - Synelnykove and Kryvyi Rih. The enemy struck Synelnykove with MLRS. In the Pokrovske community, some residential houses were damaged, cars were affected. According preliminary information, people were not injured," he wrote.

At the same time, according to him, in the Kryvyi Rih district, Russian forces used barrel artillery to shell Shyroke and Zelenodol communities. Casualties were not reported.

In the village of Koshove, a power line was cut off. The village remains without electricity. Emergency crews of electricians are currently on the spot.

The situation in other districts of the region is calm at the moment.

As Ukrinform reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have repelled enemy attempted assaults in the areas of several settlements in different directions.

August 1. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, 489 workers have been injured at Ukrainian enterprises as a result of hostilities, 147 of them have died. The Social Insurance Fund said in a statement, Ukrinform reports.

"Since the beginning of the war, 235 cases of injury and/or death of workers as a result of hostilities have been recorded at Ukrainian enterprises, most of them in groups. During the performance of labor duties, 489 workers were injured (+8 over the last week) due to Russian armed aggression, of whom 147 died," the report reads.

Most casualties were recorded Kyiv - 84 people, 28 of whom died, in Mykolaiv region – 65 and 26, respectively, in Dnipropetrovsk region – 49 and 11, in Donetsk region – 48 and 10.

In Kharkiv region, 39 people were injured at work as a result of hostilities, 8 died, in Vinnytsia - 30 and 9, respectively, in Zaporizhzhia region - 29 and 3, in Chernihiv region - 28 and 8, in Kyiv region - 24 and 11, in Sumy region - 22 and 8.

"Regarding every case of injury or death of Ukrainian workers as a result of the Russian invasion, investigative actions are being launched," the fund noted.

August 1. Russian troops have opened fire on Sumy Region’s communities with mortars and artillery three times over the past day.

The relevant statement was made by Sumy Regional Military Administration Head Dmytro Zhyvytskyi on Telegram, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“Today Russians have opened fire on the border areas of Sumy Region three times. A total of 16 projectiles were recorded,” the report states.

According to Zhyvytskyi, Russian invaders launched an artillery strike on the Bilopillia community around 12:00 (noon). After 02:00 p.m., the enemy struck the Khotin community with mortars. Between 06:20 p.m. and 07:30 p.m., Russian troops were shelling the Esman community with artillery.

No casualties or destructions were reported.

August 1. Near the village of Dovhove, Beryslav District, Kherson Region, Russian troops fired an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) at a civilian minibus, attempting to leave the temporarily occupied area. Two out of seven civilians were killed.

The relevant statement was made by Kryvyi Rih City Military Administration Head Oleksandr Vilkul on Telegram.

“Today [Russian] orcs have committed another war crime. A red minibus attempted to evacuate seven civilians from the occupied village of Starosillia. Near the village of Dovhove, [Russian] occupiers struck that minibus with an ATGM at point-blank range,” the report states.

According to Vilkul, two civilians were killed. Five more civilians, three men and two women, were taken to hospital in Kryvyi Rih. Two of them are in critical condition with burn shock.

August 1. The police have recorded more than 70 houses in Mykolaiv damaged by Russian shelling on July 31. According to Ukrinform, the National Police of Ukraine said this in a statement posted on its website. "After yesterday's massive shelling of the regional center, the police documented 58 damaged private and 13 apartment buildings, private garages, educational institutions, private offices, a hotel, utility and private enterprises, and administrative buildings. There are dead and injured civilians," the statement said.

Law enforcement officers are recording war crimes committed by Russian troops under Article 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The Bashtanka and Mykolaiv districts also came under attack on July 31. Shelling was carried out outside the population centers. Fields were burning and power outages were recorded in the villages of Lepetykha district.

In the past day, police units processed 810 reports received from citizens. Almost all of them concerned the consequences of shelling.

"Tonight, on August 1, enemy troops once again attacked Mykolaiv. It is known that damage was done to private residential buildings, the premises of a traumatology center in one hospital, a humanitarian warehouse with medical drugs, and vehicles," the statement said.

August 1. According to juvenile prosecutors, 358 children died as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

August 1. One person was killed as a result of Russian shelling in the Saltivka district of Kharkiv, the head of the oblast administration, Oleg Sinegubov, said. Men aged 30 and 72 were injured. The latter died in hospital.

A 42-year-old security guard was wounded by shelling in Merefa.

August 1. The Russian invaders struck Nikopol and Marhanets in Dnipropetrovsk region from Grad systems. Valentyn Reznichenko, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, said in a Telegram post.

"More than 60 rockets were launched from Grad systems at Marhanets and the Chervonohryhorivka community. The Russian army deliberately targeted residential neighborhoods, firing at people who were sleeping at that time," he wrote.

Two women were injured. One of them is now in serious condition in hospital.

In Marhanets, eight private houses were damaged. At that time, six children, including the youngest aged 2, were sleeping in one of those houses. Fortunately, the children were not injured.

Moreover, Russian rockets hit a cafe and a sewing factory. The power network was damaged. The city is partially without electricity.

"In the Chervonohryhorivka community, about 30 private houses and vehicles of local residents were damaged. A power line was also affected. Several streets of Chervonohryhorivka remain without electricity," the regional governor said.

In the Kryvyi Rih district, the enemy hit the Zelenodol community with barrel artillery. No victims or destruction were reported.

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