Video Compilation of the Most Spectacular Footage of the 203mm Pion 2S7 Self-Propelled Gun Units

Pion 2S9 SPG ogf the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Illutrative photo from open sources
Pion 2S9 SPG ogf the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Illutrative photo from open sources

The Armed Forces of Ukraine send the russian occupiers a portion of 203mm arguments for leaving Ukraine

The 203mm Pion 2C7 self-propelled artillery units in the hands of artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy the occupiers. In this article, Defense Express decided to gather the most spectacular footage of these giants at work.

And the first video in this list will be a recently published one on social networks with a very impressive shot of the 203-mm 2S7 Pion SPG:

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Next, another video of the self-propelled artillery gun calculation. As a reminder, Pion shooting range is over 47 km.

Also, take into account a truly spectacular video from the Land Forces of Ukraine with a calculation of four giant SPGs.

Finally, the footage of targets destruction by this kind of the SPG of the Armed Forces due to a combination of satellite data and UAVs.

Defense Express’s notes:

Despite Russia outgunning Ukraine in military equipment and personnel, Ukrainian defenders have managed to win battles in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions and continue to bravely hold the line in Donbas. However, the situation there is very difficult.

To defend itself and gain its territories back, Ukraine urgently needs multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and more 155-mm artillery systems.

Russia tries to influence the West and disrupt military aid to Ukraine. The West should not concede to Russia on this matter, because doing so would worsen and escalate the situation, not the other way round.

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