​Unique Towing Vehicle Spotted in the Hands of Ukrainian Military (Photo)

MT-T heavy towing vehicle / Open source illustrative photo
MT-T heavy towing vehicle / Open source illustrative photo

Almost nine months into the war, the Armed Forces in Ukraine still have interesting assets amongst military equipment we haven’t seen before

A recent photograph from Ukrainian military media shows another piece of russian equipment captured by the AFU in the Kherson region: a T-62 tank with already traditional slat armor cage, which adds to more than 30 similar tanks captured in Ukraine since February.

However, what’s really interesting in this photo is the vehicle towing this russian tank – it appears to be MT-T "Eney", and this might be the first time this Soviet vehicle was ever seen in service with the AFU.

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MT-T towing vehicle
This MT-T vehicle was collecting equipment left by russians on retreat from the Kherson region / Photo credit: OperativnoZSU on Telegram

Heavy Multipurpose Towing Vehicle, or MT-T was made to replace obsolete Soviet AT-T towing vehicle, and was in manufacture in 1979–1992. The MT-T also became a basis for other engineering equipment: BAT-2 armored tracklayer, BG-1 bulldozer and BTM-4M trench-digging vehicle.

BAT-2 tracklayer, which is based on the MT-T vehicle / Photo credit: Vitaliy V. Kuzmin

The chassis of the MT-T is the same as of the T-64 tank, but equipped with V-64-4 diesel engine from T-72 which provides 710 hp. The vehicle weights 25 t, reaches a speed of 65 km/h on road with operational mobility 500 km.

As a side note, there is a chance this MT-T was also captured by Ukrainians previously, as it was with another rare sample of rather old machinery, the BREM-Ch armored repair and evacuation vehicle, used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to collect trophies in Kupiansk, northeastern Ukraine.

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