Ukrainian Stugna vs U.S. Javelin – Longer Firing Range, Lesser Vulnerability to Detection by Enemy Sensors

Photo An anti-tank missile being fired from Stugna-P
Photo An anti-tank missile being fired from Stugna-P

Ukrainian-developed anti-tank missile system, the Stugna-P, boasts crucial advantages over same-class systems in having a firing range of 4.5..5.0 kilometers and a remote control, meaning lesser vulnerability to counter-fire

Ukrainian-made Stugna-P anti-tank missile system continues to take its toll of Russian enemy tanks and heavy armored vehicles.

Yet another example of the effectiveness of the Ukrainian tank killer missile has been demonstrated by soldiers of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, who used one such missile to destroy a Russian BMP infantry fighting vehicle.

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The Stugna-P is able to acquire and hit a target within 20 seconds from launch, within a range from 4,500 to 5,000 meters. At this long-range distance, the enemy has almost no chance of finding out the source of attack or even finding out the way of being attacked.

Moreover, the StugnaP has a remote control capability, meaning its operator can hide in a safe position without risking exposure to enemy fire if attacked.

Another instance of the Ukrainian missile’s use is seen in a video released by the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Interestingly, the soldiers in the video can be heard speaking Russian. The operator, prior to launching the missile, crosses himself in Orthodox fashion, asking for God's help in fighting Russian invaders. These two aspects completely destroy the entire anti-Ukrainian ideology of Putin's Russia.

Defense Express note: The Stugna-P is produced by Kyiv-based Luch Design Bureau.

The laser-guided system has a long-range and ample penetration capability.

The great thing about the Stugna-P is that it can be set up on a tripod and camouflaged. Then the operators can hide up to 164-feet away from the launcher. It is fired by remote control from a module that looks like a laptop. The crew is safe from counter-fire in their covered and concealed positions. After launch, Russian tanks never know what hit them.

The launcher weighs 71-pounds and must be placed on a tripod. It has a thermal image camera with a television guidance unit. The control mechanism is in a laptop with a joystick that allows the soldier to guide the missiles manually or leave it in fire-and-forget mode and let the laser guidance mode do its damage.

There are lots of videos in the Internet that show the trajectory of the missile flying straight then arching upward to zoom down on top of a target tank.

The anti-tank weapon has a range from 328 feet to 3.1 miles. The flight time is a few seconds to 25 seconds depending on the target’s range. The missile’s warhead can be a high-explosive anti-tank or high-explosive fragmentary round. It can penetrate through explosive-reactive armor.

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