Ukrainian Forces Try Out russia’s Trophy BTR-82A and BMP-3 (Video)

russia's BMP-3 / Illustrative photo
russia's BMP-3 / Illustrative photo

Starting from the very beginning of the war, Ukraine already has more than a thousand captured enemy military vehicles

The Armed Forces of Ukraine keep seizing enemy vehicles and trying them out to throw into battles with russia’s army later.

In the video below Ukraine’s defenders carry out target shooting from russia’s trophy armored personnel carrier BTR-82A.

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BMP-3 is standing next to it. Probably, it has already been tried out or just waiting for its turn. After conducting all the necessary tests these and other vehicles will go directly to the front to annihilate russia’s occupiers.

Ukrainian Forces Try Out russia’s Trophy BTR-82A and BMP-3 (Video), Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
Burnt russia's BTR-82A and damaged T-72B3 / Illustrative photo

According to the research regarding military losses conducted by Oryx, as of now there are at least 983 different units captured by Ukrainian forces.

Defense Express reminds about real Ukraine's needs in this war to take down russian occupiers as fast as possible.

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