UAF Continues to Get Rich Collecting Trophies: New Batch of Captured Russian Armaments and Equipment

Ukrainian soldier in front of russian T-72B3
Ukrainian soldier in front of russian T-72B3

The Armed Forces of Ukraine keep collecting Russian vehicles and equipment in search of new stuff to use against invaders themselves. Brave work of Ukrainian fighters swell the ranks of different enemy combat vehicles, modern radar systems and other equipment and helps to make a step forward to Ukraine’s victory

Collection and harvesting has always been an important part of Ukrainian culture, but since the war came to our land, these words has drastically changed their sense: Ukrainian soldiers are modern harvesters and don’t let enemy vehicles stay on our land in vain.

Here is a compilation of recent trophies which are about to work for Ukraine in the nearest future:

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Pleasant features for infantry, including MANPADS, RPG, ammunition to them and many more:

Capturing Russian tanks has become a common thing. What is more, thanks to enemy’s “courtesy” Ukraine has outnumbered ready for combat tanks compering with the pre-war period. Trophy T-72B3 below:

Brand new trophy Ural “Tornado-U” (2021) brakes the routine:

Military engineering vehicle IMR-2 is never useless, so from now on it will do some job for Ukraine:

SPG MSTA-S has been recently captured in Kharkiv Oblast. Already being towed to one of Ukrainian military bases:

Russian TZM-T reloading vehicle which is a part of the TOS-1A thermobaric multiple launch rocket system and carries 24 spare thermobaric rockets. Note that this one is fully loaded:

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