Russia’s BMP-3 Catches Three Mines On a Minefield (Video)

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

The Armed Forces of Ukraine skillfully use minefields to reduce tank-hazardous areas

Quite a significant video has appeared on the Internet on the russian army combat actions, the video shows the moment of BMP-3 catching a mine at the same place where another armored vehicle exploded.

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It looks like the video that the enemy BMP-3 crew was trying to pass the field at full speed. However, the result was predictable. At the same time, there’s not much left of the vehicle itself, as we see three explosions which are either three mines explosion or an ammo detonation.

In this case, Defense Express can mention one more episode of the similar “adventures”, when an enemy tank crew caught two mines in a row.

Defense Express notes that the losses in the armored vehicles of the russian army have already exceeded 1,200 tanks, and the number of destroyed and captured armored combat vehicles is approaching 3,000.

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