Lithuanian Journalist Purchased 110 EDM4S Counter-Drone Rifles For Ukraine

Illustrative photo from open sources
Illustrative photo from open sources

Lithuanian journalist Andrus Tapinas who raised funds to buy a Turkish Bayraktar drone for the Ukrainian Defense Forces, will donate 110 EDM4S Sky Wipers counter-drone rifles

He said this on his Twitter account, states Militarnyi.

The total price is 1.5 million euros. 35 units will receive the complexes.

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“The counter-drone rifle was called Orcrist – “Orc slayer”. Tolkien would approve”, he says.

The Ukrainian military have been using such systems since last autumn.

EDM4S is designed to withstand remote manned aircraft systems. This is achieved by intercepting control. The system is completely portable.

All modules are integrated into the portable system, which is used by activating the counter-drone rifle.

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