​First Combat Footage of Lithuanian Panzermorser in Action in Ukraine (Video)

Panzermörser M113 / Illustrative photo credit: Bundeswehr
Panzermörser M113 / Illustrative photo credit: Bundeswehr

The self-propelled 120mm mortars have already hit the frontlines – and the russian invaders, too

A single month after the arrival of a batch of self-propelled mortars from Lithuania to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we can already see them at work on the frontlines.

In the video below, taken by Ukrainian soldiers and shared by the "Ukraine Weapons Tracker" community, a Lithuania-donated Panzermörser armored vehicle armed with a Finnish 120mm Tampella mortar is engaged in shelling of russian occupiers.

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This is the first time this vehicle, based on the American M113 A2 tracked chassis, is filmed in combat in Ukraine. The Panzermörser M113 can launch strikes at targets 6,360 m away with indirect fire and a rate of fire of 5 rounds per minute. The 120mm mortar is placed on top of a rotating platform which allows to point the weapon sideways to the right and left.

But most importantly, the vehicle provides mobility for such a heavy mortar (more than 200 kg). The vehicle can speed up to 62 km/h with an operational range of 650 km. The Panzermörser is operated by a crew of 4 to 5 people.

Inside the Panzermörser M113 self-propelled mortar donated by Lithuania / Photo credit: Arvydas Anušauskas

As a reminder, Lithuania provided ten Panzermörsers to the Ukrainian army in a military aid package announced in mid-October. According to the Lithuanian defense minister, they arrived on November 14, along with two fire control vehicles.

The latter turned out to be the Beobachtungspanzer artillery observation vehicles that have been seen used by the Ukrainian military, too:

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