Czech Tatra Trucks in Talks for Supplying Thousands of Trucks to Ukrainian Armed Forces

KS-19 gun installed on Tatra truck, libe firing training / Photo credit: 241st Kyiv Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
KS-19 gun installed on Tatra truck, libe firing training / Photo credit: 241st Kyiv Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Tatra Trucks is the second-oldest truck manufacturer in the world with more than 170 years long tradition. The company's core product for the defense sphere is the Tatra Force model line, supplied in configurations of 4x4 to 8x8 and more

Tatra's vehicles with unique chassis conception based on the central backbone tube with independently suspended swinging half-axles and all-wheel drive system form the core of transport and logistic capacities of the Czech Army and serve in many armed forces around the world.

Tatra Trucks supplies trucks and chassis to the Czech army and NATO armies, as well as to other armed forces in Europe, South America, and Asia.

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Tatra Trucks, Defense Express
The production process at the Tatra Trucks enterprise / open source

For example, more than 900 military vehicles of the Phoenix model line Tatra Trucks company will manufacture in cooperation with DAF Trucks company for the Belgian army, while Phoenix trucks also serve in the Czech or Dutch army.

Tatra T 815-7T3R41 8x8, Defense Express
Illustrative photo: Tatra T 815-7T3R41 8x8 at the Arms and Security-2021 exhibition in Kyiv, 2021 / Archive photo

At the same time, Tatra Trucks is in negotiations for the possible supply of several thousand vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is mentioned in an article by the Czech publication Hospodarske Noviny.

It is noted that in order to be able to fulfill additional orders, this corporation wants to invest over 100 million dollars, or 2.5 billion Czech crowns, in expanding its own production capacities.

The CAESAR self-propelled howitzer, Defense Express
The CAESAR self-propelled howitzer / open source

Defense Express notes that specialized chassis from the Czech company Tatra are already being used in various weapon systems in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Therefore, it is likely that if negotiations for thousands of vehicles are indeed realized, it will be more of a scaling up of the use of already existing platforms in the arsenal of our military.

Neptun anti-ship missile system, Defense Express
Neptun anti-ship missile system / Archive photo credit: Ukrainian Navy

It is worth reminding not only that the Tatra chassis can be used for the Neptun anti-ship missile system but also that, for example, the Caesar self-propelled howitzers received from Denmark were also built on the Tatra 815-7 8x8 chassis.

BM-21MT MLRS by Excalibur Arm, Defense Express
BM-21MT MLRS by Excalibur Army / Photo credit: Excalibur Army

The modernized BM-21MT multiple rocket launcher on the Tatra T815-7T3R2T 4x4 chassis has also been showcased in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

But overall, during the entire period of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the topic of supplying vehicles and chassis for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was rarely publicly discussed.

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