Zhytomyr Armored Vehicles Factory (ZhAVF) Purchasing 60 Periscope Sights to Equip BMP-2 AFVs

Photo Trimen-Ukraine’s BPK-2-42MVT day/night periscope sight for BMP-2 AFV gunner
Photo Trimen-Ukraine’s BPK-2-42MVT day/night periscope sight for BMP-2 AFV gunner

The relevant contract was awarded on Feb 9, 2021 to Trimen-Ukraine -- a privately-owned manufacturer of gunner’s observation and weapon aiming sights for armored vehicles

The contract covers sixty BPK-2-42MBT day/thermal imaging sights with their related accessories, meant to be installed in BMP-2 armored fighting vehicles.

The total contract value is UAH 43,997,757, according to figures published on ProZorro online public procurement platform.

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Deliveries should be completed by September 30, 2021.

It’s the second contract Trimen-Ukraine has received from ZhAVF.

As reported, ZhAVF contracted it to supply 20 periscope sights, at a total value of UAH 19,730,210, in February 2020.

Trimen-Ukraine is most renowned as manufacturer and supplier of the TPN-1-TPV thermal imaging sight for T-64 tank gunner.

The TPN-1-TPV boasts it can detect targets up to 5,000 m away and recognize them from as far as 4,000 m. Equipped with an advanced thermal imaging capability, it enables the fighting vehicle to be used for day and night missions, in all weathers.

Trimen-Ukraine has over the past few years delivered more than 300 these devices for use by Ukraine’s armed services.

Ukraine, Zhytomyr Armored Vehicles Factory, Trimen-Ukraine periscope sights
Photo ZhAVF delivered a quantity of BMP-2 AFVs, upgraded and refurbished, to Ukraine’s MoD in October 2020
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