Where Were Ukrainian Drones Targeting During the Large-Scale Nighttime Attack on russia?

The drones struck targets in Yeysk
The drones struck targets in Yeysk

Ukrainian drones regularly carry out attacks on oil refineries and other enemy facilities in the territory of russia

During the night from June 20 to 21, another massive drone attack was carried out on targets in the territory of russia — the enemy's so-called "Ministry of Defense" has already claimed a supposedly "successfully repulsed attack."

They claim that immediately 70 drones were intercepted over temporarily occupied Crimea, and another 44 over Krasnodar Krai and Volgograd Oblast. The russians also report an attack by six kamikaze surface drones.

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According to video footage and open-source data, Ukrainian drones targeted several russian oil refineries during the night, as well as military facilities in enemy territory in Krasnodar Krai — specifically, an airfield in Yeysk and an air defense training center near that airfield.

This refers to the 726th Air Defense Forces Training Center.

OSINT analysts who published satellite images of this facility reported that NASA satellites detected at least three fires on the premises. The data on the scale of destruction and losses of the enemy, as in the case of the airfield, are still unknown.

And successful attacks by Ukrainian drones on russian oil refineries continue; three facilities were struck during the night.

Specifically, this concerns the Krasnodarneftekhim refinery, which is the sole producer in russia of T-1 high-density fuel for jet engines. The factory's strike was pinpointed by OSINT experts from CyberFlour.

Furthermore, it is reported that a drone strike occurred on the territory of the Ilsky Oil Refinery in Krasnodar Krai. The russians claim two injured individuals and damage to economic structures, allegedly extinguished after a fire broke out over an area of 50 square meters. There are also reports of an attack on the Volgograd Oil Refinery.

Just a reminder, yesterday, on the night of June 20th, long-range drones struck two more oil bases at a distance of 340-400 km from the front line.

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