Ukraine Continues Simultaneous Strikes on Multiple Oil Depots in russia

Ukraine Continues Simultaneous Strikes on Multiple Oil Depots in russia

​Two oil industry facilities were struck in russia overnight June 20th, in the Adygea Republic and in the Tambov Region

Tonight on June 20, two long-range suicide drone strikes reached the oil depots located in the deep rear areas of the russian federation.

The first strike hit the Lukoil-Yugnefteprodukt oil storage facility near the settlement of Enem, Adygea Republic, which is south of Krasnodar and about 340 km from the Ukrainian frontline.

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Unofficial reports also suggest another target was hit in the vicinity of Krasnodar by a Ukrainian aerial attack launched the same night, the Afip Oil Refinery. This depot has been hit by drones occasionally since May 2023, apparently to undermine the repairs, but there is currently no confirmation of such an attack having happened today as well.

Secondly, tonight, the Tambovnefteprodukt oil depot caught fire near the settlement of Platonovsky in the Tambov Region, over 400 km from the border with Ukraine. Footage from the site indicates serious damage to the refining equipment, however, the russian Ministry of Defense reported that all 15 Ukrainian drones were intercepted and shot down.

On a note from Defense Express, these attacks follow the series that started with the recent highly effective attack on the Azovproduct oil depot in the city of Azov, Krasnodar Krai, where firefighters have been struggling to extinguish the fire for three days in a row, and still continue as of the time of this publication.

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