Drone Attack Sparks Oil Tanks Fires in russia's Rostov Region: Firefighting Train Dispatched

A fire at an oil facility / Photo credit: Telegram channel Astra
A fire at an oil facility / Photo credit: Telegram channel Astra

A drone attack in russia's Rostov region on the night of June 18 caused a fire at an oil facility

"In Azov (Rostov region - e.d.), a drone attack ignited fuel tanks. According to preliminary reports, there are no casualties. An emergency unit organized the firefighting efforts. The head of the regional department for civil defense and emergency situations went to the site," wrote Rostov region Governor Vasily Golubev on Telegram.

Footage released by the Telegram channel Astra shows that the fire was still burning on the morning of June 18. Additionally, russian media and Telegram channels reported that residents heard five explosions before the fuel tank caught fire.

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On the morning of June 18, the press service of the russian Ministry of Emergency Situations announced that the fire at the oil depot in the Azov district of the Rostov region covered an area of 5,000 square meters. The ministry also reported that a firefighting train had been dispatched to the site.

"Seventy-three specialists and 21 pieces of equipment are involved in the firefighting efforts," the ministry stated.

Earlier, Defense Express reported that on Friday, June 14, the Defense Forces of Ukraine conducted a long-range strike using drones. It targeted the Morozovsk air base in Rostov Oblast. It is placed about 300 kilometers from the current frontline. At least 70 drones were used to strike the airbase.

russian aircraft at Morozovsk air base, Defense Express
russian aircraft at Morozovsk air base / Photo credit: European Space Agency
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