​What Weapons Does Ukrainian Manufacturer Demonstrate at Eurosatory?

Illustrative photo by Infozahyst
Illustrative photo by Infozahyst

Ukraine demonstrates a wide range of military technologies at Eurosatory, including electronic warfare and radar equipment

On Monday, June 17, Eurosatory 2024, which ia one of the largest defense exhibitions, began in France. It will last until June 21. Ukraine demonstrates a number of different weapons, including new developments such as Bulava kamikaze drone, which is Ukrainian counterpart to Lancet.

Infozahyst Ukrainian research and production center is also demonstrating its developments at the stand of Spetstechnoexport state-owned foreign trade enterprise in Paris. The company shows a number of developments in the field of signals intelligence and EW.

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What Weapons Does Ukrainian Manufacturer Demonstrate at Eurosatory?, Defense Express
Ukraine demonstrates a number of different weapons at Eurosatory

This is Plastun-RP-3000M mobile tactical direction finding system. It is designed for direction finding of communication systems, detection of signals, including FHSS signals. It determines the location and displays the coordinates of the radio emission source in real time in order to create and update the electronic environment map.

The company also demonstrates the Apella automated multifunctional COMINT complex. It is designed to assess the electromagnetic environment, search, detect, record, and rapidly analyze radio emissions.

In addition, visitors can learn information materials about the company's new developments. This is the Pluto drone detection system, which has confirmed its claimed characteristics on the battlefield, as well as Hydra FPV-drone countermeasures system.

What Weapons Does Ukrainian Manufacturer Demonstrate at Eurosatory?, Defense Express
Pluto system’s antenna

Infozahyst notes that the solutions presented at Eurosatory by various companies clearly demonstrate how the russian war against Ukraine affects trends in the development of weapons and military equipment.

Earlier Defense Express reported that Ukraine had shown Magura V5, Online Raybird Piloting, TPU Conditioners, and more at Eurosatory 2024.

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