Ukrainian Warriors Destroyed russian Occupiers' IFV, BREM Vehicle (Video)

Video screenshot
Video screenshot

The Defenders of Ukraine continue to methodically destroy russian invaders' equipment at various parts of the frontline

Ukrainian fighters from the 63rd Mechanized Brigade foiled the occupiers' plans to evacuate armored vehicles from the battlefield.

The military managed to destroy an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and BREM which is an armored repair and recovery vehicle. This was reported on the Brigade's Telegram channel.

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"Pilots of the battalion of unmanned systems with the constant support of reconnaissance and artillery of the 63 Brigade destroyed both the IFV as well as BREM (armored repair and recovery vehicle) that came to rescue it," the report said.

The video shows how the military destroy the armored vehicles of russian occupiers right on the battlefield. The exact time and the site of the BMP and BREM liquidation is not being reported for security reasons.

Earlier Defense Express reported that the Ukrainian Air Force had shown downed russian cruise missiles in Dnipropetrovsk Region.

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