​Exceptional Case: Ukrainian FPV Drone Downs russian Lancet UAV (Video)

russian Lancet drone / screenshot from video
russian Lancet drone / screenshot from video

A skilled operator and precise timing take down kamikaze drone

The Signum unit of the Kholodnyi Yar 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade successfully intercepted russian Lancet drone using an FPV drone in Klishchiivka, about 6 km from the front line.

In a video released by volunteer Serhii Sternenko, the interception is shown, followed by images of the wreckage with a caption noting that the Lancet UAV crashed and detonated due to the damage. It appears Ukrainian FPV drone executed an air detonation, hitting the target.

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This raises the question of whether the interception was coincidental, a stroke of military luck, or a calculated maneuver. Reports indicate several successful interceptions of russian reconnaissance UAVs by kamikaze drones, suggesting these aerial duels are becoming more common.

The answer to this question can be found in the first frame of the video, which clarifies that during patrols aimed at detecting russian UAVs, a Zala-type reconnaissance drone was spotted. This indicates that visual search is one of the standard methods for detecting enemy drones.

After receiving information about the approaching Lancet, Ukrainian FPV drone was deployed to intercept it, achieving a head-on interception. This type of interception is the most challenging for the operator due to the high closing speeds, even though the FPV drone had almost zero horizontal speed.

Therefore, the situation depicted in the video is extraordinary. The successful outcome resulted from precise synchronization with target designation and the exceptional skill of the operator, who had to visually identify the target and reach the interception point. However, incorporating machine vision with auto-detection and auto-tracking capabilities could reduce the critical reliance on the operator’s skill.

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