Ukrainian Troops Shot Down Next Russian Forpost UAV

Illustrative photo of a russian "Forpost" ISR UAV
Illustrative photo of a russian "Forpost" ISR UAV

According to the Air Command "South" Ukrainian warriors destroyed another "Forpost" drone

On May 7, while trying to reconnoiter the location of civil and military infrastructure in the south of Ukraine, units of the Air Command "South" found and destroyed another reconnaissance enemy russian strike unmanned aerial vehicle "Forpost" drone.

As was emphasized by Air Command "South", it is worth noting that this type of drone is an expensive aircraft, valued at more than $ 7 million.

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Illustrative photo of a russian
Illustrative photo of a russian "Forpost" ISR UAV

This drone is capable of providing reconnaissance at the altitude of up to 5 km for 16 hours straight and within 400 km range from the operator. It is a licensed russian version of the Israeli Searcher MkII, Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine detailed.

As Defense Express informed before "Forpost" drone was shot down on Monday, May 2 near Odessa. Spokesperson of the Odesa region military administration Serhii Bratchuk reported on this.

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