​Ukrainian Troops Created a Remotely-Controlled RPG (Video)

The "drone-RPG" created by Ukrainian artisans / Screenshot credit: StratCom AFU
The "drone-RPG" created by Ukrainian artisans / Screenshot credit: StratCom AFU

This way it’s much safer for an anti-tank system operator to hunt down tanks, preventing casualties from backfire

Another piece of custom-created piece of equipment got featured in the video shared by the Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is basically a rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade launcher attached to a wheeled platform and a remote controller.

We can also see a Go-Pro or a similar camera installed on the "vehicle" which transmits image onto the controller. And the sturdy wheels give it some cross-country ability. However, we cannot see the launching tube moving or changing direction or elevation angle, and it is unlikely to have great mobility anyway, so the use of this handcrafted "drone" is limited to the close-range "deploy-and-fire" function.

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Nevertheless, it is a good way to ensure the safety of the operator with its remote control capability. And some other anti-tank weapons provide such safety measure as default.

For example, Ukrainian portable ATGM "Stugna-P", or "Skif", has a control unit connected by wire up to 50 meters away from the launcher, and can be operated from a safe position thanks to that.

Or the Ukrainian-Turkish "Serdar" combat module – a universal remotely controlled and stabilized weapon system operated from inside of an armored or lightly-armored vehicle.

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