​Ukrainian Partisans Found Out russian R-419 Radio Relay Station in Temporarily Occupied Crimea

R-419 radio relay station / Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org
R-419 radio relay station / Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Partisans note that it is very valuable radar for occupiers

The Atesh partisan movement reported on its Telegram channel about discovery of R-419 radio relay station in Rozdolne Raion of temporarily occupied Crimea.

It is known that this station is designed for deployment of radio relay or cable communication lines, channel branches, as well as for use as a radio insert on damaged or repaired cable communication lines.

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According to the Atesh, this radio relay station is very valuable to russians and quite modern. It was adopted in 2018.

"The countdown of the life of this radar has begun. It will be a big surprise to occupiers how exactly it will be destroyed," the statement reads.

Earlier Defense Express reported about new evidence of preparations for defense of Crimea.

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