Ukraine's Special Operations Forces Thwarted the russians' Plans in Avdiivka, Destroying Equipment and Killing Dozens of Invaders

Foto credit: Special Operations Forces  of Ukraine
Foto credit: Special Operations Forces of Ukraine

Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian Special Operations Forces fighters destroyed eight units of russian heavy equipment and dozens of occupiers in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast

"Ukrainians have been focused on the situation in the Avdiivka area for the third day, where the enemy has intensified its offensive actions. However, the Defense Forces have thwarted the plans of the aggressive enemy, repelled all attacks, and held their positions," the command of the Special Operations Forces reported this on the social networks.

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"The Special Operations Force fighters were among the first to engage in the battle. Currently, the 3rd Special Operations Forces Regiment has destroyed five tanks, one infantry fighting vehicle, one armored combat vehicle, and one Tigr military vehicle using ambushes, raids, and strike UAVs," the command reported.

"Special Operations Forces soldiers once again remind the occupiers: do not attempt to set foot on Ukrainian soil, or it will burn under your feet!" the report says.

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