The Ukrainian Military Arrived in Germany To Master the Marder IFV

A German army Marder / Photo credit: German Army
A German army Marder / Photo credit: German Army

The first Ukrainian military personnel arrived in Germany for training on the Marder infantry fighting vehicle

That is according to Spiegel, European Pravda Ukrainian media reports.

According to the report, a group of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine landed in Cologne on Thursday and are soon to begin training on armored vehicles. The training is a part of military aid to Ukraine, which will also includes supply of 40 Marder IFVs.

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In addition to the armored vehicles, the aid package will include 7 Gepard anti-aircraft tanks, additional guided missiles for the Iris-T air defense system and another Iris-T anti-aircraft missile system.

As Defense Express reported, Poland Is Ready to Transfer 60 More Tanks to Ukraine in Addition to 14 Leopard 2 Tanks.

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