Russia’s T-72B3 Turret Toss World Record: 100m Up In the Sky (Video)

The screenshot from the video
The screenshot from the video

As can be seen from the video there are no equals for russia’s army tanks in the “turret toss competition”

Defenders of Ukraine have apparently updated their "record" for tearing off the turret of the russia’s tank. It was confirmed by Chinese Phoenix Television video shot.

As a result of russia’s T-72B3 penetration, its ammunition detonated and the turret rose up in the sky by about 100m, if calculate its dimensions.

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The place and date of successful “record attempt” is May 6. Who exactly helped to “update” the record remains unknown. But the fact that it was an absolute surprise for the occupiers is clearly visible in the video. Most likely, they just did not expect a strike.

The previous leader was the author of the detonation on March 23.

Defense Express notes that a lot of factors influence the turret separation, including full-packed ammo, the type of shells and even their placement. The course of detonation takes its toll as well, when shells don’t explode simultaneously and even the turret hatches position.

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Russia’s Bizarre Reactive Armor: Barbeque Cages and Side Bags Really Help? (Analysis), Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
Destroyed russia's T-72B3 with barbecue cages / Open source photo
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