​russia Pulls Out Its 'Ceremonial' Tanks To Fight in Ukraine

Illustrative photo credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin
Illustrative photo credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin

This T-80 was "either straight from a parade or going to a parade"

Ukrainian military journalist Anatonii Shtefan shared a video featuring a T-80 main battle tank recently captured by Ukrainian paratroopers. There are two things about this particular vehicle that caught his attention.

Correction: the original link to the video was changed to a working one, and the name of the military reporter was clarified.

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In the video, officer of the 95th Air Assault Brigade Yurii Kochevenko shows outlines the following. First, he said this tank was "practically brand new" though suffered a bit from hostilities:

"It has worked up only 900 engine hours. For comparison the average for an actively used tank is about 20 thousand, or 30 or even 40 thousand [engine hours]," Kochevenko said.

Another interesting detail is that the track rollers on this vehicle were painted in white color which, according to Shtefan, means it’s actually a "ceremonial tank", i.e. meant to take part in a military parade.

russia Pulls Out Its 'Ceremonial' Tanks To Fight in Ukraine
Track rollers painted in white indicate this tank was meant to be displayed on an official celebration but got in the hands of the Ukrainian soldiers instead / Screenshot credit: Anatolii Shtefan

Consequently, this leads to two possibilities. Either the russians prepared this vehicle for a victorious parade after taking Kyiv in three days, as there were similarly decorated tanks spotted before.

And the other option is that russians have resorted to using the newly-made "for display" tanks to replenish their equipment losses in Ukraine.

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