​russia Has Accelerated Pace of "Hidden Mobilization", Reaching 25,000 of Recruits for Two Weeks

Mobilization in russia / Open source photo
Mobilization in russia / Open source photo

The so-called "contract" recruitment in the russian federation has become an alternative to "partial mobilization," and has reached the rate of 1,725 people per day

Despite the fact that russia refused to conduct the so-called "partial mobilization", in reality it was replaced by the so-called "hidden mobilization". This involves an active recruitment of those who is willing to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation.

A new statement by Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the russian federation, revealed a significant increase of the pace of covert mobilization. In particular, on Thursday, November 9, 2023, he said that since January 1, 410 thousand people have been hired for a "contract". Obviously, it was the previous day`s statistics of November 8.

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The russian recruits, Defense Express
The russian recruits / Photo credit: Open source photo

It is extremely important to compare these figures with the statement made by this official two weeks ago. According to that statement, the total number of russian troops since the beginning of the year amounted to 385,000 people as of October 25, 2023.

Comparison of the figures allows to make a conclusion that, the total number of personnel recruited by the russian army amounted to 25,000 people in 14 days. This gives grounds to believe that the average rate of "hidden mobilization" is 1,725 people per day.

This pace allows the Kremlin to significantly increase the number of personnel in the Armed Forces of the russian federation, in view of the factthat, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine losses in personnel amounted to 11,600 russians during this time.

As Defense Express reported, Russia expanding training grounds to increase the "throughput" of mobilised. Along with the increase of the rate of replenishment of the russian army with personnel, this theoretically allows russians to form up to one motorized rifle regiment during two days. However, there are serious doubts about the ability of the russian federation to produce the necessary equipment at the same high rate. In particular, the standard set of equipment for the motorized rifle regiment consists of more than 100 units of light armored vehicles, 31 tanks and about 34 artillery systems, including mortars as well as MLRS.

The russian occupiers in Ukraine, Defense Express
The russian occupiers in Ukraine / Photo credit: Reuters

Comparing the rate of covert mobilization of 1,725 people per day with the rate of "partial mobilization" that lasted from September 21 to October 28, 2022 (which involved the mobilization of about 300,000 people, or 8,108 people per day), there is a conclusion that the rate of "hidden mobilization" is only 4,7 times slower than "partial mobilization" and currently covers the occupiers' personnel needs.

Defense Express earlier reported that Feeling Lack of "Cannon Fodder", Invaders Enhanced Mobilization Both in Occupied Territory of Ukraine, in russia.

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