Pentagon has Earmarked $84.2M for Construction of 6x Mark VI Patrol Boats for Ukrainian Navy

U.S. Navy patrol boats Mk VI
U.S. Navy patrol boats Mk VI

SAFE Boats International has been awarded approx $85 million as prime contractor

In a U.S. Department of Defense press statement released September 30, SAFE Boats International is referred to as the contractor for construction of six Mark VI patrol boats (with an option for two more) that will be provided to Ukraine towards fulfilling Building Partner Capacity (BPC) and Foreign Military Financing (FMF).

The Mark VI is designed to patrol riverine and littoral waters

The pres statement says that SAFE Boats International, Bremerton, Washington, is awarded $84,254,484 for the detail design, construction, outfitting, reactivation, and training for six Mark VI (MK VI) patrol boats (PBs). This effort will provide MK VI PBs to Ukraine as part of Foreign Military Financing (FMF).

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The Mark VI patrol boat can potentially mount short-range guided missiles such as the BGM-176B Griffin

This contract has been awarded as firm-fixed-price modification to previously awarded contract N00024-21-C-2201 (this is presumably about the $19.96 million contract for two Mark VI’s announced in early 2021)

Fiscal 2020 BPC using Ukraine Security Assistance Funding in the amount of $43,706,883 (52%); and fiscal 2021 FMF (Ukraine) funds in the amount of $40,547,601 (48%) will be obligated at time of award, the statement reads.

The Mk VI can speed up to 45 knots

Work is expected to complete March 2025. Option work, if exercised, is expected to extend the contract completion date to March 2026.

The Pentagon early this year announced it had awarded SAFE Boats International a $19.96 million contract for two Martk VI patrol boats for Ukraine as part of Foreign Military Sales.

The Ukrainian Navy currently has in its inventory two ex-US Navy Island-class patrol boats – the P-190 Slovyansk and P191 Starobilsk

Furthermore, Ukraine in 2021 is set to receive three more ex-U.S. Navy Island-class patrol boats financed using Ukraine Security Assistance Funding.

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