​Netherlands Will Buy Hundreds of "Anti-Shahed" Mounted Guns for Ukraine

Ukraine will receive more of these guns in the future / Photo credit: Dárek pro Putina
Ukraine will receive more of these guns in the future / Photo credit: Dárek pro Putina

New details on the special weapon designed to fight off kamikaze drones launched by russian forces on Ukrainian cities

Two countries, the Netherlands and Czech Republic, will cooperate to make mobile air defense weapons for Ukraine, as announced by Deputy Minister of the Czech Ministry of Defense Daniel Blažkovec, Prague International reports.

As noted, the Netherlands will provide funds to "assemble hundreds modernized in a special way Toyota cars, equipped with two rapid fire machine guns, that can destroy drones".

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The production will take place in the Czech Republic. In addition to the armed vehicles themselves, Czech weapon makers will as well make ammunition, said director of the Czech Intergovernmental Defense Cooperation Agency (AMOS) Aleš Vytečka.

Victor vehicle
Victor vehicle / Photo credit Dárek pro Putina

Given the description, the combat vehicle in question is most certainly the "Victor" that Defense Express had a dedicated article about. It is, as mentioned, a Toyota pick-up with a ZPU-2 anti-aircraft gun.

Last year, there was a fundraiser initiated by local Czech volunteers and successfully completed, aimed to produce 15 such mobile guns, the initiative was called "Gift for Putin". Back then, the manufacturer who agreed to manufacture those vehicles was Excalibur Army. The effective range covered by a single such vehicle is 2 km.

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