​KNDS Reveals Number of PzH 2000, the Latest RCH 155 for Ukraine

The RCH 155 howitzer
The RCH 155 howitzer

KNDS has actually become the main supplier of self-propelled howitzers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. PzH 2000, RCH 155 as well as Caesar howitzers are being produced for Ukraine

The KNDS (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Nexter) defence industry holding company has revealed some details about the production and supply of self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine in its detailed press release on the overall success of the production.

In particular, KNDS noted that almost 200 howitzers of its production are in service or have been supplied to Ukraine. This is due to the fact that Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has PzH 2000 howitzers in its inventory, while Nexter has Caesar ones.

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KNDS Reveals Number of PzH 2000, the Latest RCH 155 for Ukraine, Defense Express
Caesar howitzers / Photo credit: Nexter

The number of two hundred is not surprising with 78 Caesar howitzers in production, designed exclusively for Ukraine as of 2024. At the same time, KNDS confirmed the high production rates of Caesar. It is six units per month, and this figure will continue to grow.

There are also 54 brand-new RCH 155 self-propelled howitzers in production for Ukraine. This is the new official figure for this order. Previously it was known only about 18 units. It is also known that the production of these weapons began in early 2023, as well as its deadline was scheduled for 2025.

KNDS has not announced any new production deadlines. It should be nited that the RCH 155 is a completely new system that is highly automated and can reduce the crew to two people. The artillery part of the RCH 155 is modernized due to the full automation of the turret from the PzH 2000, the chassis is the Boxer wheeled armoured fighting vehicle. The total combat weight is 39 tons.

In addition to the new RCH 155, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also waiting for PzH 2000. According to the report, Ukraine has received 25 such howitzers. The orders from other countries equal 41 units, as well as other 54 are under discussion with Germany and Ukraine.

KNDS Reveals Number of PzH 2000, the Latest RCH 155 for Ukraine, Defense Express
PzH 2000 howitzer / Open source illustrative photo

According to available information, Ukraine has received 28 PzH 2000s (14 from Germany, 8 from the Netherlands, and 6 from Italy). Three of them could be donors of spare parts. Germany's plans to order PzH 2000 are also known. 34 units for the Bundeswehr as well as the customer or customers for another 7 are unknown. The proportion of distribution of another 54 howitzers, which are under negotiation, is also unknown.

KNDS also clarifies the process of work on the Katana guided ammunition that is a direct competitor to the Excalibur. It is declared to have an accuracy of 10 meters at a range of 40 km (the maximum declared range is 60 km).

KNDS Reveals Number of PzH 2000, the Latest RCH 155 for Ukraine, Defense Express
Katana guided ammunition / Photo credit: Nexter

Work on it will continue until 2025. The munition is currently being tested for high accuracy even in conditions of interference. Obviously, this is a direct reference to real combat experience with Excalibur, which showed low resistance to interference in the war against russia.

Earlier Defense Express reported that Rheinmetall would make the Frankenstein systems for Ukraine that combine 2 modern technologies.

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