​Rheinmetall Will Make the Frankenstein Systems for Ukraine that Combine 2 Modern Technologies

The Frankenstein hybrid vehicle / Photo credit: Rheinmetall
The Frankenstein hybrid vehicle / Photo credit: Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall adapts to the “drone war” with a hybrid air defense system

Rheinmetall plans to develop the Frankenstein hybrid vehicle for Ukraine, combining the Leopard 1 tank chassis with the Skyranger air defense system to counter russian attack drones and missiles.

Bjorn Bernhard, head of Rheinmetall’s ground systems department, announced the initiative during a visit to the company’s workshop in Ukraine, as reported by The Telegraph on Monday, June 17.

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“There are numerous Leopard 1 main battle tanks on which we could mount the Skyranger turrets equipped with 35 mm automatic cannons,” Bernhard stated.

The Skyranger system is designed to neutralize short-range threats, specifically targeting drones and artillery fire. This development addresses the evolving combat landscape in Ukraine, which has increasingly been characterized as the “first drone war”.

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