Ukrainian ATG Missiles Show Extraordinary Accuracy During Demo for Pakistan Military Team

KB LUCH, a major Ukrainian defense contractor, has demonstrated the capabilities of its anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) systems to a visiting military team of Pakistan army
ATGM system Corsar
ATGM system Corsar

The missiles had hit their intended targets with perfect accuracy, during a demo session at a military range located outside Krarkiv

The demo was conducted back on May 19, but its video account wasn’t released until June 8.

Pakistani Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in mid-May visited Ukraine to hold talks with senior MoD leadership and watch field tests of new combat systems and vehicles, including modern Ukrainian missile systems developed by LUCH.

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Ukraine’s Defense Minister Andriy Taran and Pakistan Army Chief of Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa

Mr Javed Bajwa appreciated the performance of modern Ukrainian weapons systems, especially the Oplot main battle tank and the Skif anti-tank guided missile system (otherwise known as Stugna on the export market).

The demonstration has validated that Luch ATGM systems Skif and Corsar are capable of reaching targets out to 3 km with equisite accuracy.

Ukrspecsystems has posted in its social media account footage of a PD-2 UAV performing automatic takeoff and landing operations while under heavy rain and a 10 m/s wind, as well as a Luch ATGM hitting a target distanced at 2 km.

PD-2 UAV seen performing automatic take-off in heavy rain and 10 m/s wind, during a demonstration for a visiting team of Pakistan army, May 19, 2021

The PD-2, due to having a new optical sensor, was able to track the movements of vehicles on the ground at a distance of 3 km, and to transmit footage to ground staff in real time.

The Pakistani team was able to witness online Luch-developed ATGMs hitting their intended targets from 3,000 m height and distances exceeding 2,000 m
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