​How Was Created Ukraine’s Secret Weapon Against Naval Threats

The Magura V5 drone / screenshot from video
The Magura V5 drone / screenshot from video

The Magura V5 drone: Ukraine’s high-tech answer to russian warships, combining speed, agility and firepower

In the fall of 2022, the head of the unmanned systems department of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, known by the pseudonym Borets, led his team to a designated site near a river at the invitation of maritime drone developers.

“They showcased the capabilities of their product. Upon evaluation, we found it highly promising: a true embodiment of 21st-century technological prowess,” Borets elaborated.

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Following a period of refinement and production setup, in May 2023, operators of the Magura V5 drones tracked their first major target – the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance vessel. The enemy crew attempted to fend off the assault.

“We engaged around midnight, enduring fire until roughly seven in the morning. Some drones depleted fuel due to extensive distances, while others sustained damage. Nonetheless, we successfully reached our target,” the general said.

Following the Ivan Khurs encounter, Ukrainian military reconnaissance drone operators struck the Sergey Kotov patrol vessel, obliterated two Akula and Serna landing ships, the Ivanovets missile ship and the Cesar Kunikov large landing ship.

Developers of the Magura V5 drone emphasized its specialization in targeting military ships at sea, boasting a smaller, faster and more agile design compared to counterparts.

“We’ve opted for ship detection and destruction. That’s our focus; we refine this approach. Continuous patrolling isn’t our strategy. We operate with precision. Our exclusive focus is on ships,” Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, emphasized.

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