​"Bryansk Massacre": Ukraine’s Air Force Tells How Five russian Aircraft Were Shot Down in Five Minutes by the American Patriot SAM System

The MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system / Photo: US Army
The MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system / Photo: US Army

A brilliant special operation led by the Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force made russian aircraft stop bombing Ukrainian territory for a while

This was reported by Yurii Ihnat, a spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, focus.ua reports. According to the media, Yurii Ihnat said this in an interview with Novynarnya. In particular, Ukrainian Air Force’s spokesperson stated, that on May 13, 2023 units of the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system destroyed five russian aircraft in five minutes over the territory of the Bryansk Oblast, russia. The russian occupiers lost Su-34 bomber, Su-35 multirole fighter, two the Mi-8MTPR-1 EW helicopters as well as one Mi-8 transport helicopter.

The russian Su-34 bomber / Open source illustrative photo

"It was a brilliant operation led by Commander of the Air Force. Thanks to non-standard decisive actions, the Patriot units destroyed five boards in five minutes in the Bryansk sector, from where they were bombing our northern areas with guided missiles," said Ihnat.

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The spokesman said that he humorously calls this operation the "Bryansk Massacre".

According to Ihnat, another Su-35 was shot down over the Black Sea some time after the events in the Bryansk Oblast. After that the occupiers stopped flying in the area for a while, as they realized that it was dangerous.

The russian Su-35 multirole fighter / Open source illustrative photo

"The Patriot system offers such opportunities!" he said.

The spokesman emphasized that the Patriot system is still defending the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, but the divisions that have been formed as well as the people, who are currently serving in the Air Force will become the basis for the formation of other units. He is convinced that Ukraine will receive more Patriot systems. In particular, the defenders of Ukraine are currently studying how to use the following systems in Germany.

Downed russian aircraft in Bryansk Oblast, russia / screenshot of open source video

In addition, Ihnat said that the Patriot is an anti-ballistic missile system, as only a head-on collision guarantees the downing of such a missile, and it is done without human intervention.

Earlier Defense Express reported that Ukrainian Air Force Had Used Patriot SAM System During “Bryansk Air Defense”, 5 Targets Had Been Hit.

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