Bayraktar TB2 UAV Destroys Occupiers (New Video)

 Frame from drone video / Photo credit : Operational Command "South"
Frame from drone video / Photo credit : Operational Command "South"

Bayraktar TB2 continues to do a brilliant job

Operational Command "South" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released new videos of the Bayraktar TB2 UAV work. There are several episodes in the recording: adjusting artillery fire and high-precision strikes with MAM-L bombs.

Apparently, Bayraktar TB2 has once again proven its ability to detect targets, determine their correct coordinates and transmit them online to long-range means of destruction at distances of tens of kilometers. In this case - Multiple Launch Rocket System.

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As Defence Express reported earlier, Bayraktar TB2 can detect targets at range of 50 km and adjust artillery fire .

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