​Aerial Duels: How FPV-Drones Hunt Reconnaissance UAVs

Ukrainian FPV-drone targets russian Zala reconnaissance drone / Video screenshot
Ukrainian FPV-drone targets russian Zala reconnaissance drone / Video screenshot

The use of FPV-drones as anti-drone tool is a new direction in the development of this weapon

Another video of so-called aerial duel between drones was posted on the Telegram channel by the Black Swan strike group of the 255th Assault Battalion of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. "We have a lot of Mavic drones in our direction that are trying to hit the infantry. We are using active defense tactics," the military said. The tactic is that after detecting an enemy drone that is heading toward the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, an FPV-drone flies out to meet it and tries to shoot it down. "Yesterday, we managed to return our drone without being blown up," Ukrainian military reported.

Now more and more such air duels can be seen on social media. Although in reality, it looks like one drone is hunting for another. There are also examples when Ukrainian FPV-drone operators were destroying russian reconnaissance drones such as Orlan-10 or Zala in the sky.

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For instance, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine recently released a video of FPV-drone hitting Zala reconnaissance drone of russian occupation forces.

"The enemy drone tried to reconnoiter the area in the South. It was prevented by the fighters of the Odesa detachment, who, having calculated the direction of movement, used a strike drone to shoot down the threat. Having lost its wing, the UAV crashed into a field," the border guards describe the episode.

This is not the first Zala or Orlan UAV to be targeted by Ukrainian FPV-drones. It is worth noting that in the near future, FPV-drones may become a truly effective option for countering russian reconnaissance UAVs.

Of course, this is a panacea, but such a use of drones will significantly improve the statistics on destroyed russian Orlan, Zala and other drones.

Earlier Defense Express reported that Ukraine had unveiled world’s first drone warfare branch.

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