​Ukrainian Special Forces Destroyed Extremely Rare russian Radio Communication Station (Video)

russian R-416GM system / screenshot from video
russian R-416GM system / screenshot from video

Ukrainian forces neutralized russian R-416GM system

The Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have struck russian R-416GM radio communication station for the first time in the history of the war. As a result of the strike, communication between the command post and the occupying army units has been disrupted, according to Special Operations Forces Command.

The digital radio relay station was discovered by operators of the 3rd Special Purpose Regiment during operations in one of the operational directions. The target was struck using one of the latest developments that has entered service.

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Russian forces began using the R-416GM system in 2018. The mobile station is designed to enhance the effectiveness of radio relay communication units in field conditions. The system significantly extends the visibility horizon of objects and improves the efficiency of the troops’ command and staff work.

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