Why Ukraine Has to Prioritize Mobile Repair Teams for Western Armored Vehicles

The Bushmaster vehicle / Photo credit:
The Bushmaster vehicle / Photo credit:

Ukrainian Armor suggests strengthening defense readiness through self-reliant maintenance solutions

Ukraine needs to expand its service capabilities for the repair of Western armored vehicles, according to the CEO of Ukrainian Armor, Vladislav Belbas. In an interview with the Military Courier, Vladislav Belbas noted that the company had experience in repairing armored vehicles from other manufacturers, and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to maintaining the Armed Forces’ fleet of Western-supplied vehicles.

While expressing gratitude for the establishment of service centers in neighboring countries, Belbas acknowledged that having these centers within Ukraine would significantly reduce logistical hurdles and repair times. He proposed that Ukraine prioritize mobile repair teams that can directly address mechanical issues at the frontlines, minimizing the need for extensive transportation.

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“We need to make the logistics chain as short as possible,” Vladislav Belbas emphasized.

The Мastіff vehicle Defense Express Why Ukraine Has to Prioritize Mobile Repair Teams for Western Armored Vehicles
The Мastіff vehicle / Photo credit: The Ukrainian Navy

The suggestion highlights the importance of self-sufficiency in maintaining Ukraine’s defense capabilities, particularly as the war with russia continues. By developing internal repair expertise for Western equipment, Ukraine can ensure the timely upkeep of its armored vehicles, bolstering its ability to defend its sovereignty.

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