"Mixing" of a Missile And a Guided Aerial Bomb Makes It Possible to Strike As Far As 150km With HIMARS

Test launch of GLSDB missile to M270 and M142 HIMARS in Norway, 2019 / Open source photo
Test launch of GLSDB missile to M270 and M142 HIMARS in Norway, 2019 / Open source photo

This way of hitting the rear russia’s occupying forces looks promising, but it currently exists only in advertising renders

The Polish Defence24 claims that the consortium consisting of Boeing and Saab "in the near future" hopes to receive an order for a GLSDB-type rocket designed to fire from the M142 HIMARS and M270 systems.

The article does not indicate what kind of customer it should be. But the very concept of the GLSDB ammunition is interesting here, which is basically a "hybrid" of the M26 unguided rocket and the GBU-38 SDB-I guided aerial bomb.

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Elements of the GLSDB missile / Illustrative image from open sources

For the first time, the consortium consisting of Boeing and Saab presented its development under the index GLSDB in 2017. By design, this system should work like this; the M26 projectile launches the GBU-38 SDB-I aerial bomb to a certain height, which continues its flight and hits the target on a gentle trajectory.

The targeting of the aerial bomb during the final stage of the flight should be laser-guided. The developers claim that such a system is apparently capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 150km. Which is significantly higher than the indicator of 84km from GMLRS.

Saab's rendering picture of a GLSDB missile in flight / Open source image

The unguided M26 projectile was chosen as the basis for the GLSDB because European countries have a high number of such missiles in stock, which were written off during the rejection from cluster weapons after the adoption of the "Oslo Convention" in 2008.

Or, it is quite possible that for all 5 years the GLSDB system has proved to be extremely impractical in real use. But the very vector of works on the topic of "how to compile a rocket and a guided aerial bomb" in order to increase the depth distance of damage to the enemy's rear looks quite promising.

GLSDB before hitting the target / Illustrative rendering by Saab
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