Consequences of the Fighting for the Airport in Gostomel, Kyiv Region (Video)

A terrific video of a drone has appeared on the Internet, showing the remains of an airport in Gostomel, for which there was a fierce fight until recently
This is how the airport in Gostomel looks like after the invasion of the russian occupiers / Photo credit: Babylon-13
This is how the airport in Gostomel looks like after the invasion of the russian occupiers / Photo credit: Babylon-13

The Babylon-13 independent filmmakers association filmed the liberated Gostomel and the An-225 "Mriya" using a drone. The battle for Gostomel has been going on since the first day of the russian invasion, February 24.

Video clearly shows what is left of the base of the State Enterprise "Antonov", and most importantly - the true condition of the An-225 "Mriya" (NATO: “Cossack”) and An-22 "Antei" (NATO: “Cock”) aircrafts.

Note that the Antonov An-225 “Mriya”( meaning “Dream”) is one of the largest and heaviest strategic long-range transport aircraft ever constructed.

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Fierce battles, with massive artillery fire, left heavy scars - damaged hangars, equipment, buildings. We must warn that accurate information about the real condition of the aircraft can be assessed only by experts after a detailed inspection.

Apparently, fears about the scale of the destruction of the An-225 "Mriya", the largest aircraft and the pride of Ukraine, have been confirmed. Destroyed bow with the cabin, most likely, damaged the centerplane.

Defense Express / Destroyed Ukrainian An-225
Destroyed Ukrainian An-225 "Mriya" ( meaning "Dream") aircraft in hangar. Gostomel, Kyiv region/ Photo credit: Babylon-13

The condition of another unique - An-22 "Antei" heavy-lift turbo-prop transport aircraft due to the video is much better. The only concern is the plane, which is close to the nose of the "Antei", there may have been a collision.

Defense Express / Planes at the airdrome, An-22
Planes at the airdrome, An-22 "Antei" is among them / Photo credit : Babylon -13

As for the aircraft behind the An-22, they were like that before the fighting at the airfield.

The video also shows the condition of one of the hangars of the Antonov State Enterprise, where the walls were breached. It is unknown whether the planes were there.

Defense Express / Shelled building at the airport
Shelled building at the airport / Photo credit : Babylon-13

The video also clearly shows other traces of fighting: burned military equipment, damaged buildings, including houses, and so on.

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