Ukraine’s Military Told About Mars II Accuracy at Maximum Distance of 84km And How Difficult It Is to Strike the Invaders With Such a System

The Mars II MLRS / Illustrative photo from open sources
The Mars II MLRS / Illustrative photo from open sources

The German multiple launch rocket system in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a formidable weapon against the russian occupation army

The Ukrainian Ground Forces press service published a video on Facebook where Ukrainian artillerymen shared their impressions of working on the battlefield with the German Mars II MLRS.

Defense Express reminds that Mars II is a German modernization of the American M270 MLRS, which received a new fire control system.

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As the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Volodymyr notes, these missile systems have proven themselves very well, delivering "surgical strikes" on a number of targets, including manpower, equipment, command posts, etc.

Moreover, the accuracy of this system doesn’t suffer even at the maximum range of 84 km: the probable deviation at such a distance is only "plus or minus 7m".

The crews are satisfied with this system, Ukraine’s officer notes that it is as simple and effective as possible, and learning how to operate such a missile system is actually not difficult.

And the most important thing is that the vehicle is still in working condition and plans to effectively beat the russians in the future: "We maintain it in accordance with the regulations, lubricate the main components, we haven’t had any repairs and do not plan to."

Separately, Volodymyr talks about one of the combat tasks, where MARS II made the life of the russians much more difficult” it was necessary to hit the fuel tankers that had just arrived at the railway station at a certain time.

A total of 12 tankers were destroyed: "This meant that the maximum number of enemy equipment remained without fuel for a long time. They could not refuel the equipment and use it while shelling Ukrainian cities."

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