​russian Military Began Sell Equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: $5,000 for Tiger Armored Vehicle, $50,000 for Tank

​russian Military Began Sell Equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: $5,000 for Tiger Armored Vehicle, $50,000 for Tank

The russians, whom the Putin regime is driving to war in Ukraine, have the opportunity to earn more in one day than the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation promised, it is enough just to hand over military equipment and weapons to the Ukrainian military

Little by little, Russian soldiers are starting to sell equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine under a special "program". As a result of such an exchange, one of the servicemen of the russian army received 5,000 dollars for the Tiger armored vehicle on the condition of complete anonymity.

The relevant video was recorded by the head of the Mykolaiv Regional Miliary Administration Vitaliy Kim, where he showed the armored vehicle purchased in this way.

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The mechanism of the "program" is as simple as possible - the "Nikolaevsky Vanyok" (Николаевский Ванёк) telegram channel, to which any serviceman of the armed forces of the russian federation can write to an anonymous bot and agree on the sale of equipment and weapons.

The algorithm of actions is as simple as possible too - leave the equipment or weapons near the front line, send the coordinates and number of a credit card or account in bank. After checking the information, the money will be transferred. Everything is completely anonymous.

The prices are also quite attractive. Military personnel of the russian army could get 50,000 dollars for a tank, 25,000 dollars for IFV, 15,000 dollars for MLRS, 10,000 dollars for self-propelled guns and other artillery, and 5,000 dollars for armored vehicles.

It is also worth noting that the amount for the tank is equivalent to almost 1,000 days of payments that the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation promised to the russians for participating in the war against Ukraine. An ordinary armored car can bring to saller the equivalent of payment for a serious injury, or payments for four minor injuries at once. By the way, whether this level of payments will remain for the russians after the mobilization is carried out is not yet known.

As Defense Express reported, that Mobilization in russia May Affect Hundreds of Thousands Already in the First Days.

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