​Mobilization in russia May Affect Hundreds of Thousands Already in the First Days

​Mobilization in russia May Affect Hundreds of Thousands Already in the First Days

The Kremlin was preparing for a "lightning" mobilization, the only question is the ability to "digest" such a quantity of the replenishment

The first videos with the result of the so-called partial mobilization of the Russian Federation, which may well be considered the Kremlin's biggest scam since the invasion of Ukraine, have already begun to appear on the Internet

In particular, the mobilization activities in Neryungri settlement, the administrative center of Neryungri ulus in Yakutia, are extremely revealing.

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An important remark: the total population of the entire Neryungry ulus is about 68,000 people with approximately 26,000 men are of working age of them.

All the mobilized were driven to the Gornyak stadium, the localization of which did not cause any difficulties.

Also visible in the crowd were police officers who monitored law and order and were supposed to ensure the dispatch of the mobilized. For their transportation, three KAvZ-4238-41 buses with 39 seats were used, which were allocated by a local motor transport company.

Thus, there were up to 120 mobilized people from this area only in the first party. The average age of the mobilized, apparently, is 35-45 years.

Of course, drawing these conclusions solely on the basis of just one video is quite bold. But in any case, to understand the scale: only on the first day of mobilization, 0.46% of the male working population of the entire administrative district was sent.

This percentage should not be treated disparagingly, because there is a significant probability that similar norms were fulfilled by all other conscription stations of the russian federation. Especially since videos similar in content are already appearing from other regions of the russian federation.

The total number of male working population of the russian federation is 43.3 million people. Thus, there is a probability that the so-called "partial mobilization" may affect up to 200,000 men in the russian federation in the first two or three days only. And this is with the general plans announced by the Minister of Defense of the russian federation, Shoigu, regarding the quantitative indicator of mobilization of 300,000 in total.

But apparently, the Kremlin was preparing precisely for the "lightning" mobilization of all the conditional "300 thousand", which is indicated by the rather high organization of the process with the active involvement of the capabilities of military transport aviation.

But this is more than a risky move. As already noted by ISW analysts, in the implementation of mobilization measures, it is not the availability of manpower that comes first, but the capacity of training centers and the availability of weapons.

In this situation, it is a more than difficult task to at least dress and minimally train additional reinforcements in the amount of 30% of the regular strength of the armed forces of more than 1 million people. For the sake of understanding, the last conscription for military service in the spring of 2022 was planned in the Russian Federation at the level of 134,500 people.

As Defense Express reported on What For and How Many russians Will be Mobilized by putin and shoigu.

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