Ramstein-3 Meeting Results: Ukraine to Get Howitzers, MLRS, Helicopters And More

The US HIMARS / Illustrative photo from open sourses
The US HIMARS / Illustrative photo from open sourses

This time the Ramstein-3 meeting brought together defense ministers from 50 countries (with Moldova, Georgia and Ecuador defense ministers joining the event), as well as representatives of NATO and the EU

On June 15 a meeting of the chiefs of staff and ministers of defense was held in the Ramstein format. Thus, a decision was made on a new package of US military assistance for Ukraine. Additionally, Slovakia, Canada, Poland and the Netherlands will help Ukraine.

The results of the Ramstein-3 meeting were eloquent. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov posted on Twiter militry aid that Ukraine is about to get:

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Defense Express notes that the equipment will begin to arrive in August, the number and nomenclature are still unknown.

The United States also include unnamed spare parts to the list, due to the high activity of using the same howitzers M777, as a result several dozen of them already need replacing the barrel.

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