In russia’s Occupied Khartsyzk In Donetsk Region an Ammunition Warehouse Exploded (Video)

Video screenshot / Credits: Tipichnyi Donetsk
Video screenshot / Credits: Tipichnyi Donetsk

In the russian-occupied city of Khartsyzk in the Donetsk region, a warehouse containing the invaders' ammunition exploded

A number of social media publish the videos with explosions recorded. Local residents report that the explosions broke out on the night of July 9.

According to the videos published on Telegram channels, it is a warehouse with ammunition of the occupying forces of the russian federation, which has caught fire, mil.in.ua reports.

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Defense Express reminds that yesterday in the russian-occupied city of Shakhtarsk in the Donetsk region explosions were recorded at enemy’s ammunition warehouse.

The occupation administration of the city began evacuating the population to the surrounding settlements and called on the residents to temporarily move to remote areas of the city.

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