Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence States That russia Preparing for Long War

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence States That russia Preparing for Long War

The Defense Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine estimates that the terrorist country russia is preparing for a long-term war

That is according to the report published on the official account of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence on Facebook.

"Putin's measures to reorganize the economy and the military-industrial complex of the russian federation testify to the preparations for switching Russia to martial law. They are aimed at strengthening the potential of the Russian Armed Forces and creating conditions for conducting operations that were planned at the very beginning of the war, but were unsuccessfully implemented by the Russian-occupation forces," the report states.

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As Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence states, the efforts of the russian federation to attract all military resources for the continuation of the war in Ukraine and the recent appointment of the chief of the general staff of the armed forces of the russian federation Gerasimov as the new commander of the occupation forces testify not only to Russia's military failures but also to the preparation of the Russian Federation for the continuation of a large-scale long war.

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