Large russian Tank Offensive Thwarted: Entire Tank Company Got Entrapped and Eliminated (Video)

Screenshot credit: Air Assault Forces Command
Screenshot credit: Air Assault Forces Command

July 7 was a really bad day to launch a tank offensive

Ukrainian paratroopers of the 79th Air Assault Brigade has published some interesting photos from the eastern Ukrainian front.

The attached message says the troops of the brigade managed to burn down five russian tanks. But also thanks to these photos we can partially identify the location and put together the pieces of information shared officially by Ukrainian military units.

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Pay attention to the damaged tracks. This one is apparently the one that tilted off the slope in the next photo / Photo credit: 79th Mykolaiv Air Assault Brigade
Photo credit: 79th Mykolaiv Air Assault Brigade

First, these photos and the following video; the attached text says five tanks were eliminated, and a number of enemy servicemen were taken captives.


Now we have a video from Air Assault Forces Command which, in fact, shows the same scenery. We can know that by looking at the placement of burnt vehicles and landmarks.

This footage is accompanied by information about the combat that took place there. It appears the total number of eliminated tanks is at least nine. This constitutes almost an entire tank company of russian forces (9 tanks + 1 command tank).

We can see a tank burning at the top of the screen... / Screenshot credit: Air Assault Forces Command is not on fire in this shot. The photos were published two hours after the video so presumably they were taken after the fight was over / Photo credit: 79th Mykolaiv Air Assault Brigade

The vehicles were carrying out an offensive but got entrapped. Also, the command mentions how they were taken down: it is the result of the joint work of sappers and artillerymen.

At the beginning of the video, we can also see a tank presumably driving over a landmine that caused the explosion, and then the artillery shelling. However, this tank seems to have been damaged – not destroyed, since we cannot find it in the photo that apparently was taken later.

Screenshot credit: Air Assault Forces Command

Out of the information previous posts from the 79th Brigade, we can assume that the whole battle took place somewhere in the Donetsk region, in the eastern part of Ukraine with the most fierce russian attempts to advance.

Keeping that in mind, let’s also recall that on the same July 7, one more Ukrainian airborne unit – the 80th Air Assault Brigade – took down up to 12 russian tanks in the eastern front.

So it seems a large-scale russian offensive got repelled with quite significant losses. According to the casualties report from the General Staff, throughout July 7, russian invasion forces lost 35 tanks in total. This is a significant increase if compared to the reports of the few previous weeks; you can find all of these reports daily on Defense Express.

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