​What Does the New Package from Germany Include Besides Tanks?

The TRML-4D radar system / Photo credit: Hensoldt
The TRML-4D radar system / Photo credit: Hensoldt

The Germans are providing a second batch of Leopard 1A5 tanks, along with a range of useful items to counter the occupiers

The German government has updated the list of defense aid provided to Ukraine on its official website. The new package includes tanks and other essential items that will enhance the air defense and greatly assist in countering occupiers on the battlefield.

The first thing that naturally catches the attention is a batch of 10 Leopard 1A5 tanks. This is already the second batch of these tanks sent to Ukraine. Information about the first 10 vehicles was announced on July 20.

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Additionally, Germany provides the TRML-4D radar system. This will be the third radar system transferred by Germany. Introduced in 2018, this state-of-the-art system is capable of tracking up to 1500 targets at distances of up to 250 km, with a minimum target radar cross-section of 0.01 square meters.

The Germans have also sent another batch of 16 units of the Vector unmanned aerial vehicles from Quantum Systems. In total, 104 of such UAVs have already been provided. In the context of UAV transfers, it’s should be noted that it was recently announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive the new advanced Luna NG drones from Germany.

The new package also includes ammunition for firearms, totaling 13.12 million rounds. In total, 35.63 million rounds have been supplied. Additionally, it’s reported that four 8x8 HX81 trucks and an equal number of semi-trailers (42 and 37 respectively) have been transferred. Furthermore, a field hospital has been provided as well.

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