Ukrainians Created MS Azimuth System to Notice Drones Beyond the Field of View: Capabilities Breakdown

Illustrative photo: Orlan-10 reconnaissance UAV, one of the most widely-used drones of the russian army / Open source photo
Illustrative photo: Orlan-10 reconnaissance UAV, one of the most widely-used drones of the russian army / Open source photo

Such drone-spotting technologies are precisely what Ukrainian soldiers need on the frontline to get alerted of incoming threats

The Ukrainian company Kvertus is actively developing a new UAV detection system called MS Azimuth. Renowned for its electronic intelligence and warfare systems, Kvertus initiated the project in response to requests from the military servicemen fighting on the battlefield. The soldiers said it's challenging that they cannot spot an enemy UAV until it enters their field of view.

"We started developing from scratch a detection system that would help detect enemy UAVs in advance and destroy them faster. Our system can do this at a distance of about 15 kilometers," a representative of the Kvertus company said in a comment to ArmyInform.

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Kvertus MS Azimuth
Kvertus MS Azimuth / Photo credit: ArmyInform

MS Azimuth conducts detection and direction finding of drones by sensing their signals coming from communication channels, telemetry, and data exchange. The system monitors the radio spectrum, measures the parameters of emissions, finds the direction they are coming from, and promptly relays the results to military personnel.

As the company previously mentioned, its specialists have been working on this project "from scratch" since February 2023 — recently, they carried out tests that confirmed the effective drone detection range of MS Azimuth.

The antenna of the MS Azimuth
The antenna of the MS Azimuth / Image credit: Kvertus

Now the company is preparing the necessary documents to get licensed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. As Kvertus noted, several military units have already expressed interest in trying out the MS Azimuth. The first mass-produced systems are expected to be ready by the end of December this year. The company is currently working on a new program interface.

Kvertus says their MS Azimuth uses a new state-of-the-art component base, and it also can be easily integrated with other similar systems employed by the Ukrainian military. For a reminder, earlier Defense Express wrote about the Pluto system, designed to identify and warn of incoming enemy unmanned aerial vehicles on the battlefield.

Specifications of the MS Azimuth early warning/direction finding anti-drone system from Kvertus:
processed frequency range30–6000 MHz
instantaneous bandwidth200 MHz
frequency scanning speed200–400 GHz per second
frequency resolution30.5 kHz
maximum detection range15 km
minimum azimuth calculation time32 μs
azimuth error≤ 8° (RMS)
antenna's gain6 dB

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