​Ukrainian Military Destroyed russian Murom-P Surveillance System Once Againe (Video)

Phoenix 03 Heavy UCAV FPV drone filming its flight to russian Murom-P surveillance system to destroy it
Phoenix 03 Heavy UCAV FPV drone filming its flight to russian Murom-P surveillance system to destroy it

The Armed Forces of Ukraine used the Phoenix 03 Heavy UCAV fpv-drone to destroy the enemy Murom-P surveillance system in the Kherson region

This was reported by Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

According to the minister, the powerful Phoenix 03 Heavy UCAV FPV drone was purchased thanks to donations on UNITED24.

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"A drone destroys the russian Murom-P surveillance system. This system allowed the russians to monitor the territory and movements of our troops 24/7. Now the so-called Eye of Mordor is destroyed. By the way, 100 Phoenix 03 Heavy ucav fpv drones have already been delivered to the front. Therefore, soon the enemy will lose a lot of equipment," Mykhailo Fedorov said.

The UKrainian official also published a video on how the drone destroys the Russian Murom-P surveillance system:

The Army of Drones is a project initiated by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. This is a comprehensive program, within which the systematic purchase of drones, their repair, as well as training courses for relevant specialists are planned. The project was launched on July 1, 2022.

The Murom-P is a development by the russian Stilsoft company, the manufacturer refers to it as a "video-thermal surveillance system" – it has a long-range video camera and thermal imagers, and one of the kit versions also comes with radar. The best effectiveness is reached in open space, apparently, that is why the Murom-P was put on top of the tower.

Murom-P in a deployed position
Murom-P in a deployed position / Photo: Stilsoft

The system is said to be capable of detecting objects of the types "car" and "person" in the following range characteristics: the day camera can detect and recognize a car 10,000 meters away, or a person from 8,000 m; the thermal camera spots a car within 6,900 m and a person within 2,700 m, recognizes them from 4,800 and 1,500 meters respectively, in the most basic version. There are a few upgraded variants available.

Murom-P base version kit
Murom-P base version kit / Photo: Stilsoft

It is also capable of sending a warning via wireless comms and automatically putting the location of the threat on the map.

For the first time ever, a Murom-P was spotted in Ukraine on March 12, 2023, Militarnyi reports. A Ukrainian military serviceman calling himself Serhii Flash identified the system in the photos taken "all across the frontlines'.' So far not a single Murom-P system was visually confirmed destroyed.

As Defense Express reported earlier, Ukrainian soldiers of the Kharkiv Territorial Defense Brigade published footage from an FPV-drone seconds before a strike on a Murom-P surveillance system. We also published a video of spectacular destruction of the Tyulpan Mortar at a distance of 10 km with a help of FPV-drone.

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FPV Drone Controle: Exploring Effectiveness and Risks in Military Operations in Ukraine

FPV Drone Controle, Exploring Effectiveness and Risks in Military Operations in Ukraine, Defense Express
Controlling an FPV drone requires, among other things, a strong vestibular system / Photo credit: ArmyInform

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