What is the russian Tosha Unmanned Ground Platform, Which the Enemy Seeks to Adapt to Combat FPV and Other Drones?

Tosha TX-45SM unmanned ground robotic platform
Tosha TX-45SM unmanned ground robotic platform

The enemy is working on adapting its platforms to combat unmanned aerial vehicles

The developer of the russian Tosha robotic platform, used by the occupying forces, plans to adapt it for combating unmanned aerial vehicles, including FPV drones. For this purpose, they plan to install an automatic turret on the platform that can shoot down targets at a distance of up to 100 meters.

"It is possible they will use bundled barrels that can fire both remotely and with the assistance of an operator. Since the recoil is stronger than that of a shotgun and a person cannot carry it, we propose mounting such weaponry on our platform," notes the manufacturer of the Tosha all-terrain platform.

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The russians say that today they are already using the Tosha unmanned ground platform on the battlefield to perform various tasks.

The Tosha robotic platform is used for tasks ranging from transporting ammunition and evacuation to acting as a kamikaze drone. In the latter variant, the enemy compares it to the FAB-3000, claiming it can be loaded with a ton of explosives.

Open sources reveal that the Tosha TX-45SM ground robotic platform was developed in response to the Estonian THeMIS platform, which is in service with the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

As claimed by the russian occupiers, the vehicle has a range of up to 200 km, depending on the power of the installed battery.

It is controlled via radio, but it can also be controlled via cable. Due to the lack of an internal combustion engine, according to the manufacturer, the car is practically invisible in a thermal imager.

The weight of transported cargo can be up to one ton. The structure itself weighs 350 kilograms and is capable of speeds of up to 70 km/h.

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