​The Pluto System by Ukrainian Company Infozahyst Confirmed Its Declared Characteristics on Battlefield

Pluto system’s antenna
Pluto system’s antenna

This system of detection of unmanned aerial vehicles will be improved based on the results of its operation by the Ukrainian military

A month ago, it became known that the Infozahist research and production center, via Come Back Alive Foundation, handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the first batch of its portable Pluto UAV detection systems worth UAH 1.7 million. These systems were transferred by the foundation's specialists to various units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

As a representative of the Infozahist company noted in a comment for Defense Express, in general, the Pluto UAV detection system confirmed the stated characteristics on the battlefield. The representative of the company also said that the developer, based on the feedback from the military, will improve this development in accordance with the current challenges, which are constantly changing. These are changes in both the hardware and software parts of the system.

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"At the moment, there is a great need in the military for means of warning about the appearance of drones, since it is reconnaissance, attack drones and FPV-drones that are the cause of a large number of injuries to personnel. The company Infozahist is doing everything necessary to meet the needs of the military and cooperates as with the military units with volunteer organizations," the company representative noted.

As for enemy drones that the Pluto system can "see", the company notes that they are constantly expanding this list. "Currently, he sees most of the drones used by the enemy on the front-line – both commercial models and custom FPV drones as well as special military developments," the Infozahist company notes.

In addition, Infozahist research and production center plans to create a solution that will not only detect and warn about enemy drones, but will also be able to counter unmanned aerial vehicles of the russian occupation forces.

It will be recalled that for the first time the existence of the Pluto system became known in the fall of 2023. Then it was noted that the system was being tested in combat conditions. The system is intended for use by command and observation points as well as headquarters.

The Pluto System by Ukrainian Company Infozahyst Confirmed Its Declared Characteristics on Battlefield, Defense Express
The Pluto system is designed to detect enemy unmanned aerial vehicles on the battlefield as well as to warn about their aproximate movement over the area

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